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Bedroom Tax Appeal

Vigil – Monday 20th January, 9.30am, outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Disabled people and our supporters will hold a vigil outside the high courts to mark the start of a three day appeal hearing looking to overturn the judgment handed down in July 2013 that found the government can lawfully discriminate against disabled people through implementation of the bedroom tax.

Monday’s legal challenge focuses on discrimination against disabled people, who make up two thirds of those affected – exemption for disabled children was recently won. Other challenges brought against the discriminatory nature of the policy, by separated parents with shared care of children, and mothers fleeing domestic violence in housing with security measures, are on hold behind this case and could be affected by the result, so it’s even more important for everyone to show their support.

The bedroom tax is vicious and punitive. All social housing tenants should have a right to a family home for life. The longer people have to suffer the bedroom tax, the longer people are having to go without essentials like food and heating in order to try to make up the shortfall they are left with, the higher the arrears that are mounting up, and the closer we come to evictions. In November the Disability Benefits Consortium reported that 9 out of 10 disabled people and three quarters of carers affected are now having to cut back on food and heating.

Campaigners from the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation, Camden Association of Street Properties (Camden tenants), Disabled People Against Cuts, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, Taxpayers Against Poverty and WinVisible are calling the vigil in solidarity with the disabled people taking the appeal and everyone affected. It is also an important opportunity to keep the spotlight on how unfair and unworkable this policy is and to maintain pressure to axe the tax.

We invite everyone who can get to the high courts on Monday to come and show support. The media are keen to hear from disabled people who are directly affected by the bedroom tax and if you are willing to share your story please let us know.

The following Monday 27 January, the appeal against the total Benefit Cap is being heard.  Women Against Rape and Single Mothers’ Self-Defence are calling a protest against the Cap outside the Royal Courts of Justice at 9.30am.  We hope you’ll be able to support that too.




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  One Response to “Royal Courts of Justice Vigil for Bedroom Tax appeal – January 20th 9.30am and Benefits Cap January 27th, 9.30am”

  1. My partner and I are both disabled and wheelchair users and in 2013 our money has gone down by £78 per fortnight because we now have to pay rent at 22% , council tax and Bedroom tax of £26 week, this has caused many nights of sleeplessness, worrying how to pay the rent and the threat of eviction if i cant pay the rent. They now deduce that both of our DLA and ESA means we have enough money to live on and can afford to pay the rent, council tax and Bedroom tax. We do own a car but have not been able to use it because we cannot afford the petrol to be able to go out anywhere because we have to pay the council. We live on home made soups a lot because the veg is cheaper in Aldi and i can make a pan of soup last 2 days (minimum – unless watered down). Luckily for us at the moment, i bought a hamper last year so we have some food in the house but i dont want to use a lot of it until it is necessary and i have a feeling it will be necessary.
    I have today paid our household bills and we are now left with £3 for bread and milk through the week until next pay day.
    The government are not prepared to look at the bigger picture or just dont care what pain and hardship they are inflicting.
    Im lucky in so far as i have a daughter i can call and borrow a few pounds if i am desperate but i do worry about the local pensions. Iv recently spoken to my Father who cant afford to put the heat on in the house so he doubles up on sweaters and cardigans. All this change because my Mother passed away in May 2013 and he is struggeling with the bills because of the change in governmental bills and changes. Luckily for my Dad he has my sister and her family who do take him meals over and i myself take food over when i have made soup or stew, meals that feed a few people and keep for a day or 2.
    Sorry for the ramble but this situation has had us in tears, worrying about how in Hell we are going to cope. My partner is 60 this year and in a wheelchair full time. I am 55 and have limited mobility and people look at me and judge me because i am a large person they think all i do is eat, my weight has crept on gradu,ally over the past 25 years, due mainly to lack of medication and eating the cheaper food which are classed as bad for you, the way i see it, if it fills your tummy and is cheap i dont have an option.
    Sorry again for the ramble x

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