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2.25 Million -But Why so many?

2.25 Million Jobseeker’s sanctioned
since Coalition came to office!

Are they serious?

These figures are truly earth shattering.

DWP figures which you can access here show that since May 2010 an astonishing 2,257,000 claimants on Jobseeker’s Allowance have had their benefits referred for a decision on whether to cut their benefits for a fixed length period.  The numbers of sanction referrals has rocketed from around 5,500 to 6,000 per month since 2000 right the way up to 2007, since then they have slowly increased but it is only since the Coalition took office that sanction referrals have sky rocketed to levels we have never seen before.  A study conducted by the DWP in 2006 showed that around 130,000 claimants in total were subject to sanction referral in a year.  These latest figures are seeing figures of over 110,000 in a single month.

From April 2000 to October 2012 there has been a total of 3,192,910 sanctions where a decision has been made over whether the claimant’s benefit should be stopped for a fixed period.  The fact that two and a quarter million of those sanction referrals have been recorded should be cause for serious concern as to the vigour at which they are being applied.

The DWP’s statistical footnote explains that ‘prior to April 2010, a Failure to Attend Advisory Interview attracted an entitlement decision. Since then, it has attracted a fixed length sanction of between 1 and 2 weeks.’  It is this kind of sanction which accounts for 1,150,670 of all sanctions – by far the largest number, this category has only come in to play since the Coalition took office.  487,980 reported failures to participate in the Coalition’s Work Programme are recorded since July 2011.  The fixed length sanction regime can last a longer than two weeks but the period of 1 to 2 weeks is what is recorded in the DWP’s notes.

These figures raise serious questions over the validity of the sanction regime.  It is simply incomprehensible that the rate of sanction should increase from 5,000 per month to over 100,000 purely because new conditionality has been built in to the claims regime. It should be remembered that these figures only relate to those claiming Jobseekers Allowance, the DWP has yet to publish full figures for the Employment & Support Allowance.

Questions should be asked as to whether it is the DWP’s privately contracted Work Programme providers who have simply become too ‘sanction happy’ in a bid to cover up their badly performing rates of placing the most ‘difficult to place’ claimants in to the workplace.  Claimants stand to lose their benefits for 1 to 2 weeks for failing to attend an advisory interview, in many cases their appeal rights are limited or not explained to them.  I can recall cases where claimants were sanctioned for the most bureaucratic of reasons.  In one case a claimant attended the Jobcentre for a full hour and a half in the morning happily going through all of his return to work options and was told he did not need to return in the afternoon to sign on at a desk which was a matter of a few metres away in the very same Jobcentre from where he was in the morning.  He was assured his signing details would be passed to the claims adviser and thought no more about it.  he later learnt he had been sanctioned for not turning up in the afternoon.  He ended up having to appeal – a process which took months.

One has to wonder if these sanctions are being imposed as a way of reducing the numbers who appear on the DWP’s payment database; which is needless to say closely linked to the data collected for Government unemployment statistics. Once a claimant has been removed from the payment database there is no telling how long it will be before the claimant reappears as a statistic – despite it being only a matter of weeks without benefit it can take months to adjust government statistics. 

Here’s the DWP figures:




Claimants sanctioned 





A further DWP report issued in 2012 tells us how the sanction system operates in practice:

“If a claimant fails to undertake any activity required as a condition of their participation on the Work Programme without good cause, then a doubt may be raised against their claim. These doubts are referred to the DWP Sector Decision Makers (SDMs). Once the SDM has made a decision on whether to sanction or disallow/allow a referral, they enter their decision on a system called DMAS (Decision Making and Appeals System). The decision is also sent back to the Jobcentre Plus office for entry to LMS (Labour Market System) and JSAPS (JSA Payment System) which then makes the appropriate changes to the actual payment to the customer. ”

So it would appear the LMS records are updated upon sanction and will will have the effect of quickly ‘adjusting’ the unemployment figures – very handy.

Now lets compare those sanction figures with previous years using the same DWP data sources:


Claimants sanctioned 





Isn’t it astonishing that under the Coalition sanctions have soared to two and a quarter million compared with 174,460 over the same time period between 2000 and 2002? Yet the Coalition are always telling us how they’re reducing the numbers claiming Jobseekers Allowance with figures of approximately 1.5 million – they’ve seemingly sanctioned more than are currently claiming!

One also has to wonder how the rushed off its feet DWP is physically able to deal with this many sanctions, especially with all the appeals and reclaims it has to process – it all points to systematic chaos within the Department.

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  50 Responses to “JSA Benefit sanctions sky rocket under coalition!”

  1. all ex unionists and ex cons are being discriminated from up to 70-90% of jobs. employment agencies have cornered the markets of 70-90% of jobs. it is difficult to get a job with the company yet it is easy to get a job with an employment agency. when the government destroyed the unions in the 80s to whom you would pay a couple of quid a week to and who gave you rights now you are paying employment agencies up to half your wage with no rights and they feed off your blood and sweat like leeches and flies. look at what our traitor government are doing to us. eventually in the future the government will shut down the employment agencies and once when we where on £10 an hour we are now on £6.70 an hour, and this will happen as people chase the money and do not think of others. how dum is the human race get yourselves out of your square rooms and stop staring at the square TV which basically breeds ignorance and do something about it and shout it out loud you too have a moral right to live and prosper. you are meant to be going forwards in to the future yetour government are just dragging us backwards.

  2. i have been sanctioned 4 times in the past 5 years. i was forced to work for worksolutions in liverpool for 30 hours a week for six months. like an idiot i started the course and 9 days later i was told that i would not be put forward for the caretaking roles as i commited a crime of conspiracy to armed robbery some 25 years ago. the following day the 10th day i was sent to fareshare distribution centre in speke to brush and mop the floors. i was seriously stressed out and this woman asked if i was here under duress. as i felt i was i agreed and was asked to leave. on my return back to worksolutions they asked me to leave. i received a letter stating you better have good reasons for not starting the course kind of like you better have at least been half dead. some time later i received a text stating that my money had been stopped and a letter would be in the post explaining why and i never received that letter so i did not even get the chance to appeal. i am forced in to working for my JSA less than a minimum wage, discriminated against, unfairly dismissed, then no right of appeal. sanctions where created by the religious sect and in the 1600s they would forcefully starve you to death. i protested outside williamson square jobcentre for 5 weeks and it made me feel good. a thousand people bigged me up including 5 ex members of the jobcentreplus, i had 10-15 facebooks and 5-10 twitters. what really bothered me was what did the other 99% think. i hope that they did take notice and they did not have there heads shoved too far up there arseholes. my point of view is do not stay in bed and suffer, do not think of suicide, do something about it like protest outside your jobcentre. january 2016.

  3. Here’s a dirty trick they attempted to use on me.
    Applied for JSA on a Saturday. On a bank holiday Monday, I received a withheld number at 10am on my mobile. It gave 5 rings and I didn’t answer it.

    On Wednesday, I received a letter stating that the DWP have attempted to contact me by phone. I called straight away to reply to their query. Their next letter, informed me that my claim would be starting on the Wednesday as I hadn’t taken their phonecall.

    I rang them to patiently explained that I had never received a phonecall. They said that they had contacted me on the morning of the Bank holiday. I patiently explained that they were closed on Bank Holidays. They said its a different company that calls and as I hadn’t answered, that delayed my claim.

    I visited the Job Center where a nice adviser explained to me that this was a new tactic of theirs, to cut peoples money. They have a quota to cut peoples benefits.

    I rang Glasgow and reminded them that by law, my claim starts the day I contacted them online. They then amended my start date to the correct date.

    Be aware of these dirty tactics. If you’re treated unfairly, do some research and remind them of your rights and the law.

  4. I think the truth is that a bad government will try and save public money by cutting back on pensions and students loans. Both eventually fight back. A government that is useless and hoping to survive the next election will try to save money by sanctioning the unemployed and the disabled. Because we can’t fight back, we’ve no union, our only defence is that we can vote in a general election. Ask your MP at the next election “do you agree with sanctioning the unemployed and disabled people” Don’t say “I hate sanctions do you?” as they won’t give you an honest answer. The truth is that Labour are watching to see if this type of policy works and if it does they will do it too. If your MP says “No to sanctions and he or she will campaign to stop them” then put your X by their name. If this spreads to Labour, then it will spread to Europe and America too. Hitler didn’t like the unemployed and got them working to build all the autobahns (motorways) in Germany, so it’s not a new idea but we should not lye down and play dead. Write to the letters page of your local paper about how this has effected you and anyone you know.

  5. Iam on JSA. I am required to look for and apply for jobs 30 hrs per week. I was told if I don’t have a laptop and internet access I would have to use the library 3 times a week. as the nearest library is a bus ride away it would cost me 12.60 a week. already after paying my bills I am left with just 9.20 a week for food. I count myself lucky though as my daughter gave me her laptop and pays for internet access for me. this costs her 25.00 month. she pays for her own internet access at her address which is the same price. she also had to buy a new laptop which cost her 399.00. she is only a student living on a bursary! but as I said I count myself lucky as I have support. I had to reply as reading others stories has moved me to tears. it is my belief that obstacles like this are put in our way to give the jobcentre reasons to sanction us. I live in fear of being sanctioned. I have just this week received ajobsearch record in another format asking me to do more. it appears that a printer is required now to print off more evidence of jobsearching. I do not have a printer and several trips to the library as I have said is out of the question. I am lucky again though on speaking to a relative they have a printer I can have.

    • I am now on the dreaded tougher, strict, abusive, borderline bullying program. After I completed the utter rubbish that was the Work Program. I am now expected to do 40 hours a week which is more than most 9-5 jobs. I,m now banned from applying for jobs related to my degree. I was told getting work expirience was good and got encouraged to do so. Yet now I have voluntree work they turn a cheeck to it and do not even care. Next week I have been forced on a 2 day course telling me I need to use the internet to find jobs, along with saying to get work you need to beg down the phone to employers. I mean its a dictatership based on scare tactics so it forces you to get depressed and sign off. What they should do is have links with companies wanting staff and send long term unemployed to interviews or give them trials. I thought the Job. Centre was supposed to help you into work. I also got told off for applying for a job in Birmingham. I live in Leicester, when they tell you to apply for jobs 90 mins away. I just feel they insult my inteligence. I have a degree yet they would happily get me scrubbing toliets. They just think I can snap my fingers and have job in my lap. Maybe I should write in my book I rang a company and balled my eys out begging with all my heart to employ me no matter what. I could go on all day but I may just give up and sign off and live off my savings to avoid verbal and mental abuse.

  6. This sanctions situation is deeply umpopular and will cost the current government dearly at the next election. Let’s give ’em the sack.

  7. It’s time to expose the real harm these sanctions are creating. It’s comparable to a Social Cleansing Programme, similar to that of the Nazi’s Operation T4.https://www.facebook.com/SASSOS

  8. I think its a disgrace the job centre r sanctioning people for the sake of it n not for the correct reasons but stupid ones. Next time anyone goes to sign on ask them what the policies are for sanctioning and they won’t tell you its beyond a joke. I read on internet the other day they can sanction u for not doing a job search or not attending appointments anything other than that its illegal. Its getting too daft to laugh at. People on JSA rand other benefits r keeping the people in job centre in work wanna b greatful.

    • I have been sanctioned for applying for 20 jobs a week.
      The way the DWP have treated jobseekers is unforgivable and I am unable to sit back and do nothing about it.

      My voice alone is only one voice, but if we stand together, we will be the voice of many and our voices will be heard.

      Please become my friend on facebook. If we work together, we will make a difference. Then one day, the DWP will stop playing at god and begin treating people with respect again.

      My facebook name is “Kevin WeAreThePeople”.

      Please help me to help you.

      • you say you was sanctioned for applying for 20 jobs in a week….was you sanctioned because you applied for too many or not enough…iam on jsa and i have been threatened with sanctions on numerous occasions and this is my first time on the dole.
        last week i nearly got sanction for not signing on when i was at a place thet told me i had to go to or get sanctioned….none of it makes any sense to me.

  9. Hi.
    Check out the Interpretation Act 1978, Section 7, References to service by post.
    this is what you quote into your adviser’s and into her manager’s face when they want to refer you to compliance doubt for not turning up for an interview about which you received no notice.
    it says that a notice is served if it has been correctly addressed, right postage has been paid and it was posted.
    now, as far as i know, the above 3 things can only be achieved with recorded delivery: all the above details will be on the receipt.
    the onus of the proof is on the claimant, meaning the claimant has to prove his case. the jobcentre / atos claims that they sent out a notification: demand that they show proof that the letter was posted. computer notes on their system about posting you a letter is not proof- it won’t stand in court if you quote the law, chapter and verse.
    i see lots of desperate people on the net who have been sanctioned saying how do they prove that they have not received notification from the dwp to attend an interview.
    why would you have to prove it that you received it? once you state it in writing that you have not received it and you want proof that it has been posted to the correct address, correct postage paid: it it for the jobcentre to prove that they posted it and let me guess: they don’t do recorded delivery, nor certificate of posting.
    read through the jobseekers act 1995, the jobseeker’s allowance regulations 1996 and 2013 to know their rules.
    http://www.legislation.gov.uk to find the above.
    stand up for yourself and be firm because once they’ve played the “you have not showed up for the interview” game, they will come up with something else.
    every week, cover your full jobseeker’s agreement with the right jobsearch- the actions you agreed to when signing the two-page document.
    get your advisor sign your jobseeking evidence and demand to see the paperwork they sent off to compliance doubt because allegedly they just write bullsh’t aka not what you put down in your jobsearch, to sanction you.
    there- the truth is out now.

  10. I signed on Monday with the same advisor I had previously, I believe that she has a problem with me personally, she basically told me I hadn’t done enough to look for work and that she was referring it to a ‘decision maker’, I went to the bank to see if I had been paid 3 days later on the payment day, and I had nothing from them, I called the job centre+ and asked what had happened, they told me that as far as they are aware I hadn’t been sanctioned, they also told me that the decision making team hadn’t received a referral? does it not seem to anyone that the advisor hates me and clearly doesn’t want me to find work she just wants me off benefits, how is that helping me to find work?? they also expect me to go on another college course starting in 5 days, but I have no money for dinners or bus fare to travel, please can someone help give some advise on what I can do about this ive tried speaking to managers there and they all seem to work against you give give you the same bullshit as everyone else??

  11. “The YMCA are one of the greatest apologists for workfare and can’t even properly advise young people of their benefit sanctions rights.”


  12. I have just been sanctioned.

    Apparently i have not been doing enough to find a job … despite the fact i have a job to go to in January.

    When i mentioned this, i was told … but what if for some reason, that job falls through.

    WHAT IF ??? ……….. can you imagine the hoops we’d have to jump through if we put on the jobsearch record … what if i got a job by sending out cv’s to companies that don’t exist ….. yet.

  13. Here is my story – let me tell you I am hugely in debt and and have 3 children – worried sick at about my situation – Having split from my wife and I lost my job (at about the same time) I moved into my parents house temporarily, I signed on and I was in one area (Sussex) the agreement was that i look for work 3 times a week and record that so I did this was ok and admittedly 3 times a week was too low – then I moved back in with my ex and we are trying to make a go of it this meant moving to Hampshire where I was told I needed to make 8 attempts at work a week a fortnight passed and I was told my benefit was stopped by one of their incomprehensible to understand letters – I rang the job center waited 5 minutes pressing 1 for this and 2 for that – then was instantly cut off tried again exact same thing bear in mind froma mobile costing a fortune, so I go to the job center and phone again getting cut off after the 1 for this and 2 for that 4th attempt at calling I speak to someone who doesnt know why I have been sanctioned anyway they will look into it 2 weeks later I am told they want to see my wifes payslips – (she hardly earns a fortune as a nurse for the NHS) I tell them that and they look at you like theyre about to call the police so I calm and say OK I can provide that I come back 2 days later and they scan the pay slips and send them to Newcastle their processing center – 2 weeks later still nothing they never receieved the pay slips so I go through it all again explaining to someone who doesnt seem to believe me that i did this all once before. its now about six later and I get told they are now paying me jsa and back dating it – now they want me to do 24 applications a week and spend an hour a day looking for work!

  14. I was put on mandatory work activity , just before it started my advisor said that I do not have to come and sign on my signing on days while I am working there. So I did not and they stopped my money. I participated in a programme I completed it, I was starving, , I went sick and I was forced to be walking ten miles twice a day just to get there and go home as I lost my half price bus pass and I could not afford another one and as I am single and have nobody to ask for help from any other source. This is a absolute and utter abuse. This is a criminal Nazi government and Human Rights organizations and the UN should start looking into this matter. When I requested backdating they received it, they said they need 2 weeks to make the decision when I contacted them about the outcome they said ” I understand what you are saying , but there is nothing on the system”. The rent is unpaid, if not for the fact that the rent is low and I could pay it from a new claim today I would be homeless despite working really hard during that period. It is similar to the racist approach, that they in their heads assume that everybody is a fraud and they try to kill them psychologically and physically. Nazi state.

  15. Yano what, some these comments are funny if they weren’t so sad, this coalition government r heartless ruthless scum who offer no training funding or jobs,only ways of taking away ya. Last penny,evil cameron and co,I hope there is a heaven and hell because hell is Deco where there going,even the church r saying its cruel and evil,shame Tory scum. No wonder there was a riot

  16. I got sanctioned by sean harris at stafford jobcentre for applying not on my agreement he scrubbed them jobs off and said I didnt apply for enough jobs I checked them and there were still enough jobs that I can do eeven discounting them that harris said didnt count have got appeal in.These sanctions need to go to court as we are allowed minimum to live on by law and baldy duncan smith is breaking the law sanctioning people

  17. Well done to the coalition government for completely sticking to the side of employers in this, the time of austerity and hardship. I have been fighting with the Job Centre since August the 22nd to secure contribution based JSA… I have before this time worked for 5 years straight, and with only a few gaps before that. My previous employer lied about the reasons why I left my job and despite me sending hard evidence as to the reasons why I left (harassment, bullying, ostracism and discrimination) the wonderfully intelligent people who make the decisions in Newcastle (WTF? Why get people from the most miserable city in the UK to decide whether to ruin people’s lives or not?) have decided that an employer making someone ill isn’t enough of a reason to leave that job in search of another. So they have sanctioned me from…. August the 27th, through to December the 27th. Meaning that I will be on the streets very soon. In fact, anyone want to buy this laptop I’m writing with?
    I have explained to my adviser that I can’t attend interviews 12 miles away as I don’t have any money to travel, eat, drink or even to keep warm with. I have run out of options and I feel very negative towards this ConDem govt that is ruining the lives of millions of people. At least Iin Syria they’re quick about killing their citizens. They don’t try to starve them to death slowly but surely, all the while stating that they look after the poor and needy. F*#k you Tory Gov, and f*#k you Clegg for turning your coat to show your true colours.

  18. write to Mps tell them about the sanctions dont forget the Labour party backs these sanctions too
    they are fiddling the figures

    • WE have to appeal if you sanction wrongly, or had good reason for not do job searches. my benfit been sanction had to appeal

  19. I’ve been on JSA for just 6 weeks and have been placed on sanctions. Why? because I had applied for so many jobs in my first 4 weeks I had run out of suitable jobs to apply for in the last two. I put that in my UMJ record and immediately got hit with sanctions. Asked what I was supposed to do if there were no suitable jobs and they said there were. I’m 39, 4 stone over weight and they said a suitable job to apply for was apprentice fitness instructor.

  20. I am awaiting a decision on whether I’ll be sanctioned for 4 weeks (that’s a “fine” of £246.80). I was notified to attend an interview with a Careers Advisor for a “skills assessment”. When I attended I was given a form to sign that gave them the right to share my personal details with anyone, it was literally that broad. I refused to sign the form, but said I was willing to sign a modified form giving consent for my details to be shared with those having a good reason for knowing them. The advisor didn’t pursue this option, but simply said that without the form signed, she wouldn’t do the “assessment” as they (the Careers Service) “wouldn’t get paid” otherwise. Around 2 weeks later I received a form asking for my account of why I hadn’t “attended and completed” the “skills assessment”. I was confused and angered by this and went to the Jobcentre to discuss it, as I knew I had attended the interview. It was only then that they explained to me that not signing the form was the reason they’d sent the form. It seems to me they are making up any silly “reason” they can to deny people the money they are entitled to. I have filled the form in and I am now awaiting the letter from the “decision maker”. To say I’m totally outraged and disgusted would be a serious understatement.

  21. Southampton mass demo outside jobcentre, Bernard St. Nov.5 1oclock the Socialist Party in the forefront
    of action against this stinking government. Mike .

  22. Ive just been sanctioned for 4 weeks. I work 8 hours a week, have a reduced income from JSA as they take my wages into account and Im still job searching. The adviser who sanctioned me said I had not done the 20 searches I was supposed to do, i had only 10. This is because my job searches are for school and the schools had been shut as it was the six weeks holidays. This adviser was not even my regular one, she would not listen to me and was very dismissive. My usual adviser was really upset by what had happened but her hands were tied and she could not help me. Ive filled in an appeals form but don’t hold out much hope of winning it. I can understand if I had done anything wrong previously but I haven’t. This is tough tactics and if i could sign off I really would but that little bit of money i receive is so needed. They need to have a system where you could get a verbal warning, then a written warning and then sanctioned. Not just have your money stopped then and there. My daughters birthday is soon and Ive had to put it on hold as I barely have any spare money now because of the money Im losing out on. But as a single mum I will have to make do x

  23. the article is wrong about 1-2 weeks. the minimum sanction is 4 weeks as of oct 2012 for as little as turning up late.

  24. I am being sanctioned for failure to attend an appointment at the work programme
    I was never told of this appointment and having told the DWP this I am still being sanctioned
    but no one has explained how I attend an appointment I was never told about
    Talking to job centre staff I was told that this is happening all the time
    people are being sanctioned for appointments they could not attend as they were never told about them
    I was advised to appeal but as I can’t prove I was never told about this appointment
    I will lose
    So even if you follow all the rules do everything you are told to do
    You are still sanctioned ?

  25. just finished a 2 month santion 1 week later they gave me another 6 month one both acounts are from not doing my so called work programme right and both are from 2012 a year ago i couldnt argue either as i cant honestly say what i did or didnt do it was a year ago now i have to beg borrow and steal untill feb 2014

  26. I was sanctioned wrongly because of a mistake by the jobcentre and whilst waiting for my appeal to be processed i was told to attend a Mandatory Work Activity for 4 weeks which involved travelling 12 miles ever weekday to do 8 hours unpaid work which I could not do as I had literally no money for fares food electricity etc. I informed the activity provider and the Jobcentre before the start date of this and heard no more about it. I got the original sanction reversed and have since managed to secure a job and am halfway through unpaid training for this job and have just been informed that I am being sanctioned for not attending that work activity program and my benefits are being stopped immediately for 3 months?? My new job starts on 7th October and it’s on a pre condition that I complete the training which I will now be unable to do as I have literally no money. I was not even warned that my non compliance of the Work Activity placement was even under investigation and was not even given the opportunity to give a statement explaining my reasons for not going but the jobcentre were aware of these. Also the fact that I made a written complaint about the circumstances that the first sanction was placed upon me is bound to make one feel they are being victimised. I will now no doubt lose this job opportunity through no fault of my own and all down to a simple mistake made by the jobcentre originally. I do not know what to do now besides put in my appeal which I know will be successful but the damage will be done by the time its processed. I am at a loss.

    • i was sanctioned on 1 august because i did not attend mwa the manager was very rude to me and told me to push off on my first day. i am struggling on 43 a week, while on a sanction i was put on another of these slave labour schemes. nothing related to my work as a graphic designer, i have been out of the work place due to looking after my elderly father therefore saving the dam country money. i was placed in yet another bloody charity shop this time a sally army dump in catford the manager was rude and i was vwey concerned about hte safety while toiling away one being a three legged fan nearby when i anm using an electrical steamer, i am not going to be electrocuted for 43 a week. i have since informed the salvation army of this noresponse not very christian i left after an arguement with the romanian manager, noe being sanctioned for another 9 months, i signed on monday and was not told that i would have to reapply for hardship payments so left without income for two weeks

  27. Sanctions are to divide the working class between working and non working (devils) it may bring some tory votes. It is an agenda before the most vile government in history get the boot, to privitise the service to proffesionals like G4S¬ . The capitalist system is dying, no jobs. Now spend your spare time reading the Socialist Party website and join a party who can offer a way out.

  28. i think its a disgrace the way this coalition treat people out of work claiming whatever benefit they are legally entitled to. they run roughshod over anybody that suits them. i am on esa for several disabilities, some of which are severe problems. but they decide that we are required to go on wri and if we dont then sanctions will be placed on those people. i hear of people who are not allowed to claim benefits when atos decides they are fit to work, yet they cant claim jsa because they are then told they are not fit to work leaving them in limbo. its nothing short of a disgrace

    • Scum government, I applied for the Liverpool fc job I total them,when Kenny was sacked(even tho I’m a blue and hate LFc,the stupid cow told me not to be silly as I don’t have The experience,actually Got a laugh out the miserable cow when I told her I have coz I been playing footy manager on my laptop last couple years,just apply for anything,lawyer,banker the lot,there’s not much out there bar temp agency work n u av 2 keep sign in off n back on.

      • Yes but today I had my claim suspended because I was applying for jobs out their perceived “skill range” and out their perceived “distance range”, no shit ting kidding either, they are moving the goal posts at every opportunity, if your only applying for 8 jobs a week its a sanction, if your applying for too many jobs but out of travel range (their travel range I might add) then that’s a sanction… Stopping your ‘jobseekers allowance’ for ‘jobseeking’ its pathetic.

  29. I’ve thought for many months now that the government has a strategy with all claimants for no matter what to disallow, deny or reduce ALL claims. The circle of friends and relatives around me have confirmed this with their stories of unfairness. Because this is a cold and systematic approach I suspect the ConDem’s see this as a way of using unpaid/money owing to claimants as CASH FLOW.

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