May 222013

In response to the bedroom tax, have you received a letter telling you this is your “final demand” or mentioning impending “eviction”? I’d like to share the stories of people – particularly those who have disabled people or children in their family – who have received such letters because of the bedroom tax. Please get in touch on

 Many thanks.


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  5 Responses to “Eviction notice for bedroom tax? Journalist wants to hear from you”

  1. I have had eviction letters for being in arrears of £7 and £12.
    I recently took in a Homeless person. Thought that the Bedroom Tax would not have to be paid.
    Now they are charging me for this person,as a Non Dependent Adult,and for Council Tax!=More than Bedroom Tax.
    I cant afford it.
    The Council also like to point out that,Bedroom Tax,is not a Tax. So that makes it alright. ?

  2. Hi Pat. I successfully appealed on behalf of my sister when she was informed that she would have to pay the ‘bedroom tax’. If it would be of any help, I am happy for you to contact me on my email address (via DPAC), to see if I can be of any assistance to you.

  3. 8 days ago, I was at my local hospital i was told that I have a large tumour on my pancreas, and will need urgent referral to see a consultant at the royal Liverpool hospital, prior to major surgery to have it removed, if that was not bad enough I come home to a letter from my housing association to inform me that they are starting legal proceedings to evict me from 17th June, because I cannot afford to pay my £22 per week bedroom tax, I am 6 wks in arrears. i have also have ulcerative colitis, which is a chronic disease. the shock of receiving the letter from my HA, ended up me having to be hospitalised for a couple of days , just waiting for date now for major surgery, i have applied for DHP still waiting to hear if i will be get any help.

    • Pat

      My heart goes out to you. Hang in there, be strong, go ahead and have your operation. YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST!!! Ignore the Abusive letters for a while until you have had your operation, and are well. Try to relax your Nervous System. Your body will be in a state of ‘Flight or Fight’. I think many of us are in this mode. Your body knows it has to do one of these things, and is under attack from an enemy. Stress is not good for us. You must put your health first before giving your little bit of resource money to the Controlling Regime. This Hostile Regime is not entitled to your money or your life.

      I too need an operation on my leg. I too am under attack. Can not pay my rent. Eviction threats and Council Tax starting legal process. Its outrageous. It is money that would have to come from fresh air or grow from the trees.

      Take care of yourself, you are entitled to a Recovery in peace. I wish you well. I send you a hug in spirit. xx

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Pat. My thoughts are with you.

      By leaving a message, did that mean you’d like to share your story? If so, please email me

      My best wishes,


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