Feb 182013

Unum the US insurance company that have been constantly criticised by disability activists have finally been nailed through their own bragging. The Unum /Atos partnership is no longer in doubt in driving new harmful policy direction to remove support from disabled people and guide others towards taking out income protection insurance. The wholesale take over of welfare by corporate giants intent on profit and a Condem Government intent on destroying a welfare state has been ongoing since the 1990s. But since the Condems came to power without mandate, the situation has gone full speed ahead with attack after attack on disabled people and others on low incomes.

Disability news service John Pring says:

The US insurance giant Unum has repeatedly denied attempting to influence IB reform over the last two decades, despite mounting evidence that it has done so.

Unum is the largest provider of “income protection insurance” (IPI) in the UK, and tougher welfare rules – including replacing incapacity benefit with employment and support allowance (ESA) – are likely to persuade more people to take out IPI, boosting the company’s profits.

Unum even launched a major media campaign in 2011 just as the coalition began a three-year programme to reassess about 1.5 million existing IB claimants through the new, stricter test, the work capability assessment (WCA).

Now DNS has secured a copy of a Unum document on the assessment of “incapacity”, which was published in 2005.

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  7 Responses to “Unum finally nailed through bragging on driving Government thinking”

  1. Tories don’t love people only money, short arms and long pockets never mind want -yuck!
    Daren Terry

  2. Iain Duncan Smith is in charge of welfare benefits. Has anyone seen Kathy Bennetts comment on him? You can read this under the Channel 4 Dispathes programme. This lady knows a lot. Her comment was very supportive, very interesting and very alarming. Britain on the sick due to be shown on Monday. I am very worried.

    • Sorry made a mistake, its Dispatches C4 programme, Britain On Benefits. Kathie Bennetts comments on Iain Duncan Smith. Everyone please read this on google.

  3. They are, and I’ve been trying to warn people about this for the past three years.

    SEE: http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatosveteransreport20121027.html

    Perhaps, if you send this report to your MP it may help?

    Most haven’t got a clue.

    • Mo,

      Sorry, I wouldn’t waste my time talking about all this with my New Labour MP, as far as I know he supports what is happening, he along with EVERY other MP knows what is going on, he also has the blood of millions of people in the middle east on his hands. Lets face the truth Mo, the whole system of government is totally corrupt, it has gone beyond recall.

    • Wow Mo Stewart, I have been reading your research all day, you are an amazing women. So brave, full of integrity and wisdom. Thank you for this information, my brain is on info overload. I fear the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is rearing its ugly head here. Would explain the lack of empathy for the chronically sick and for disabled people.

  4. I don’t for one moment think that Unum are driving government thinking on welfare reforms, I think they are in sole charge of the welfare reforms, I think they are in charge at the DWP, have been since Blair was PM.

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