Oct 092012

There was only a day left to submit responses to the government’s consultation on the future of the Independent Living Fund before the deadline of 10th October.However there are problems with the DWP IT technology so according to the ILF website the consultation period has been extended 2 days until October 12th.

Easy ReadDownload easy read information about the consultation and the importance of the Independent Living Fund put together by Bromley Experts by Experience here: ILF easy read 1

You can find out how to respond by going to: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/consultations/2012/future-of-ilf.shtml

Inclusion London has put together some information to help you respond here: http://www.inclusionlondon.co.uk/the-closure-of-the-independent-living-fund-affects-everyone-in-the-uk

Please send any copies of responses you send in to: mail@dpac.uk.net

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Oct 072012

TUC rally 20th October speakers DPAC and Black Triangle

Dear Mr Barber

Both DPAC and Black Triangle have the largest supporter base of any grass root groups of disabled people and have worked tirelessely to raise the issues that this government have been responsible for – we have also made it clear that we support union actions and have supported these through tireless promotion and speakers at major and local union events .

 We were therefore dissapointed and surprised at not to being asked to speak at the TUC Rally on the critical issues that face disabled people.
This is something we know a lot about with a combined supporter base of thousands with Black Triangle’s blog rated 3rd on ebuzzing politics ( bigger than Labour’s List) and 4th of all UK blogs for October. DPAC is also in the top 20 for politics and has been at number 1 of UK health blogs for some time
However, we understand how difficult it is to organise such an event so assume this may be an oversight.
We look forward to hearing from you on this issue.  
DPAC and Black Triangle
We will be posting this email and the response on our web sites
Oct 072012

If you have been refused ESA or DLA , have exhausted the appeals process or are trying to survive on no income-Please contact Merry Cross at  merry4u@talktalk.net

This is for a potential legal challenge and to publicise these issues more widely

You can also call Merry on her radio show or be an interviewee.

Merry’s show is : Make Yourself Heard on Tuesdays 2-4p.m. The link is  www.Reading4u.co.uk

Oct 062012

A successful conference held in London on the 27th September called for a new UK network to challenge the attacks on disability rights in the UK. The conference supported by DPAC, Inclusion London, ALLFIE, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled people and the Joseph Rowntree Trust brought together leading Disabled Peoples Organisations and leading disability activists.

Key speaker Jenny Morris said that the ‘disability movement’ was more vibrant than ever, and that this Government had launched a number of attacks on disabled people and their rights. However others suggested that there may not be a disability movement anymore, but pockets of activity. What was clear was that challenges by disabled people and disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) must increase. Speakers also raised issues of how ‘the movement’ could be more inclusive in the speakers ‘from the frontline’ slots.

DPAC was there to add commentary and information on what was happening to disabled people under the regime of Atos and the ESA processes as well as the everyday crisis disabled people were facing under this Government. The whole day was brilliantly co-chaired by Tracey Lazard ( CEO of Inclusion London ) and Tara Flood ( director of the Alliance of Inclusive Education) . Speakers included Jenny Morris, Andrew Lee, Eleanor Lisney, Chris Edwards, Debbie Jolly, Linda Burnip and Geraldine O’Halloran, yet, there was also plenty of time for discussion.

Catch up on conference and presentations with the livestream (with BSL)

Catch up on all presentations and discussions through live stream and see Stephen Lee Hodgkin’s brilliant time-line at http://www.inclusionlondon.co.uk/

Read the excellent John Pring’s ( Disability News Service) account of the day at


Another option to keep up with what’s happening and have a chance to dicuss your views is to tune into Make Yourself Heard on Tuesdays 2-4p.m with Merry Cross  www.Reading4u.co.uk 

Join up to the new UK network: be part of the increasing outcry on our injustices!

Send an email to mail@dpac.uk.net with subject line ‘UK Network’ to be kept in the loop on this exciting and much needed new network of DPOs and activists.

We can also put you in touch with any local DPAC groups in your area or help you set up your own local DPAC group. We now have 26 DPACs across the UK and along with our sister organisation Black Triangle in Scotland we have made sure that disabled peoples’ issues are vibrant and will continue to be-never again must we allow our ‘movement’ to get sleepy- join the challenge!


Oct 062012

MP  and DPAC supporter John McDonnell’s Early Day Motion 295 against the system of the WCA and Atos has 111 signatures , not one of them Conservative, what a surprise. It says:

That this House deplores that thousands of sick and disabled constituents are experiencing immense hardship after being deprived of benefits following a work capability assessment carried out by Atos Healthcare under a 100 million a year contract; notes that 40 per cent of appeals are successful but people wait up to six months for them to be heard; deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor and the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemical and other corporations responsible for causing death and disability; welcomes the actions taken by disabled people, carers, bereaved relatives and organisations to end this brutality and uphold entitlement to benefits; and applauds the British Medical Association call for the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

see if your MP has signed up here: http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/295

If not go to http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ to find your MP

If they are the ‘helpful’ type who say they do not sign EDMs write them an email or harress them on twitter re Atos and the misery its inflicting on disabled people

The outcry is growing- add to it

Oct 052012


‘A Celebration of Creative Lunacy’

For World Mental Health Week


399 Tottenham High Road. N17 6QN


8PM – Midnight

Admission : £5 / £2 concessions.

A Fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit Cuts.





MAD PRIDE -The mental health rights campaigning organisation, that uses music and the arts to get our message across, are seeking to continue the successful and positive working relationship we have developed with TOTTENHAM CHANCES – the genuinely grass roots community and arts centre that does fantastic work with homeless people and people with mental health issues, by staging another event there on FRIDAY 12th OCTOBER which will continue our long established tradition of staging a ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’ to mark World Mental Health Week, with this years event marking the 9th Anniversary of these.

Up to now these events which have been something of a ‘movable feast’ taking place in different venues over the years, mainly around South London – This event will be the first of these to take place in Tottenham where we have building our reputation and an audience following from a series of successful events there over the course of this past year.

Back in February we staged the fifth of our annual events to mark the Holocaust Memorial, in recognition that people labelled as ‘mad’ were amongst the first to be exterminated in the concentration camps, at Tottenham Chances. Following from the success of this we have since gone on to stage a couple of well received Sunday all day events there,  -the ‘Gathering of Nuts’ in May, and the recent highly successful ‘Paranoid Olympics’, staged as a sort of alternative closing ceremony for the Paralympics on the 9th September, and protesting the hypocrisy of Atos Healthcare the company responsible for causing so much distress and misery for disabled people by their operation of the much criticised Government ‘Work Capability Assessments’ being made a sponsor for the Paralympics.

Tottenham Chances are keen for us to stage more regular events at the venue, we had been looking for a venue to stage our annual ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’ to mark World Mental Health Week in October and so, at fairly short notice this date was confirmed.

Like all of the events we have staged over the past couple of years, any monies made, over and above basic running and publicity costs, are used to finance MAD PRIDE’s campaigning and awareness raising work and to help us to provide support to vulnerable people with mental health issues who have been having difficulties with their benefits due to the Government welfare ‘reforms’. We have even been able to make small donations to other disabled campaign groups like Disabled People Against the Cuts, with who we are affiliated.

We are grateful to Chances for the donation of the use of their venue and facilities, without which these events could not happen. We are also very grateful to all the artists, technicians and other volunteers who donated their services for free or for basic expenses. MAD PRIDE has no funding or sponsorship and is entirely dependent on goodwill and the small admission fee we ask of the audience plus any donations.

We have maintained a policy of keeping our admission prices low (still set at 1980’s prices)- to ensure they remain accessible to people struggling on benefits or low income. MAD PRIDE have established a reputation for staging original and high quality acts, our reputation amongst artists means we often have artists with an established ‘name’ or reputation offering to perform at our events.

You just can not find better ‘value for money’ for your £5/ £2 entry fee – all this and the knowledge that monies made are going to an important and otherwise underrepresented cause.

Chances has a reasonably priced bar, it is located nearby to bus stops with many buses running there from all parts of London, including night buses. It is close by to Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters tube and BR stations. There is free parking available and the venue is fully disabled accessible.

The artists you will be treated to for you small admission fee include- the band fronted by co founder of the legendary punk band Alternative TV – Tyrone Thomas to provide a platform for his incisive and distinctive songwriting – THE OLYMPIC CLAMP DOWN – also featuring Tyrone’s long standing musical and songwriting cohort the highly respected guitarist Colin Maloney and the well respected percussionist Arnold Lane.  Specially invited back after their stunning performance at the recent ‘Paranoid Olympics’ event -(where their name pretty much made them a ‘must have’ for that gig) –

Also invited back to appear at the ‘Paranoid Olympics’ after ‘wowing’ the audience at the ‘Nuts in May’ event, but due to circumstances sadly unable to perform on that day -so we have invited her back again in the hope that this time we may actually have the privilege of seeing her perform for us again- is the deliciously delirious Cam Tan aka CT in her manifestation as VOODOO CiTi – for this gig she is threatening to bring some ‘heavy’ friends to accompany her and ‘bring the noise’.

CT is well known and much loved and respected from her own gigs, gigs with her band ‘Anakzeus’  and for her role as the driving force behind the RAW Poetry events and workshops that run regularly in various London venues.

We are pleased to welcome back the dexterous and erudite antipodean singer songwriter Chris Ramsing aka THE SON OF PSYCHO YOGI – who has made several appearances at previous MAD PRIDE events, most recently at the Holocaust memorial event at Tottenham Chances- Chris is another highly respected performer on the small gig scene in London with his incisive and thoughtful lyrics and polished delivery.

Also welcome back to the Tottenham Chances stage albeit under a new name, are the edgy jazz tinged combo now known as I AM MEAT, who have formerly performed several times at previous ‘Survivors Poetry’ events there under their previous name, the enigmatic ‘The Protagonists of David Gadsdon’, where we saw them first and were duly impressed. Having built a solid reputation from gigs around London over the past year or so, and now in the process of recording an album, this marks there first appearance at a MAD PRIDE event and we are pleased to have their involvement and support.  

We have also invited some special guests who will remain unannounced until the night. As usual our MC for the proceedings will be the irrepressible JASON WHY.

We hope to see you there on the night, which as usual promises some top acts or at one of the events we will be planning up for the future at this venue. We are currently planning a special event to mark the birthday of Britain’s favourite ‘mad’ poets and artists with our annual ‘Billy Blake’s Birthday Bash’ in late November (another established MAD PRIDE ‘tradition’) and we have already invited some very special guests for this.

Keep watching this space for more on this.

For more info call

077 577 15035

Check out


Tottenham Chances   0208 365 0653.


Tottenham Chances on facebook


Oct 032012

This is the page to see all of the latest news on events that are happening in the space. Be aware dates and times may be subject to change.

Saturday October 6th:

Sunday October 7th:

2-4pm – Occupy Design UK invites you to bring radical design, artwork and ideas to the first of a serious of events we will be doing at the CutsCafe. This will be a space to plan creative responses to the cuts, make some work and decorate the new building with audacious radical art. See:http://occupydesign.org.uk/

Monday October 8th:
7.30-9pm Disabled People Against the Cuts: Direct Action for everybody. Why we do it and how to plan it.

Tuesday October 9th:

1pm-5.30pm Green and Black Cross Legal Observer Training: A hands on training about dealing with the police and supporting protest on mass and smaller direct actions.

7pm-8.30pm Waging a Living Underground: Cleaners fighting back and winning, a talk by Nigerian born RMT organiser Clara Osagiede

7pm-9pm Fitwatch present: Direct Action is a powerful tactic against the snooping and prying of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and their new sidekicks, Police Liaison Officers. A little organised resistance can stop the FIT / PLOs from getting their ‘intel’ at crucial times -such as when they are recording the clothing and shoes of people in that quiet time when people are gathering for demos. Action like this can be very effective at keeping people out of police and prison cells. This is a meeting to discuss the role of FIT and PLOs, to share experiences of action against them, and to discuss ideas of how we might deal with them on the 20th October.

Wednesday October 10th:

6pm- Atomic Weapons Eradication present: Whats the connection between resisting cuts and resisting the replacement of Trident? We’re all seeing the impact of austerity on our communities. So it’s difficult to believe that Trident submarines are being replaced at a cost of £25 billion and that the arms trade is propped up by £700 million of public funds a year. Come to this workshop to learn more about Trident and military spending and to discuss possibilities for direct action.  http://actionawe.org/

8pm-9.30pm No Pay, No Way: Interns pressure group fighting for entry level positions in workplaces and an end to unpaid labour. The group comprises current, ex interns and those who cant afford internships at all. No Pay No Way organises predominantly but not exclusively the NGO and charity sector. This workshop is about fighting back!

Thursday October 11th:

5pm-6pm- Occupiers present: An Assembly on Assemblies! Groups including #15m and #occupy will talk about their experiences in public assemblies and possible structures, including consensus.

6pm-7pm- Robin Hood Tax: Dispelling the myths of the financial transaction tax and what it could mean for the UK.

7pm-8:30pm- UKUNCUT present: From Anger to Creative Action  www.ukuncut.org.uk/

Friday October 12th:

6pm-7pm: Austerity and Violence Against Women: how women under economic and physical attack are reclaiming their future – with Sarah Day, Caseworker with women surviving domestic abuse.

7/8pm TBC: Open mic, improv, & poetry against the cuts.

Saturday October 13th:

ALL DAY EVENT: 12pm-8pm Capitalism for Anti-Capitalists: Join Kaput and Corporate Watch for an introductory session into the economics of the global capitalist system.

ALL DAY EVENT: 1pm Onwards- A future that works art workshop: A collaborative art workshop

7pm-9pm- Who Polices The Police? The family of Sean Rigg, a 40-year old black musician killed in police custody join with Ken Fero.

Sunday October 14th:

1pm-3pm- Able to Fight: Welfare Reform, Disability and Resistance: Michael Calderbank

3pm-5pm Stop the G8: The G8 conference is in the UK in Summer 2013. Never mind their nonsense about alleviating poverty and hunger, the G8 leaders will use the conference to dismantle borders for capital, financial investment, privatisation and policing. At the same time they will enforce borders for ordinary workers when it suits them and plan to further the domination of
natural resources by global elites.

A coalition of activists has formed to plan a mass mobilisation against the conference on the basis of non-hierarchy and a respect for diversity of tactics. Come and find out how to get involved. More info at https://network23.org/stopg8/

5-7pm Strike Debt: Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and David Graeber

Monday October 15th:

CUTS CAFE MATINEE 2-4pm Film Showing: SANKARA with Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign

7pm-8pm- Ewa Jasiewicz: Skillshare how to organise your work place? Tools, Tactics, Ideas

8pm-9.30pm Radical London present: ”Community Organising to defeat cuts but also as direct action to build a real alternative to the system that makes them” -http://www.radicallondon.net/

Tuesday October 16th:

6-8pm: No Future in ‘a Future that Works’: Two Critiques of the TUC

A lot of protest in recent years against austerity follows the following blueprint: the TUC (or the NUS etc.) call for a day of
action and people to the left of the TUC seize this opportunity to modify, radicalise, or to oppose the TUC’s politics. What unifies
these radical criticisms is a dissatisfaction with the TUC’s call, aims and tactics. However, what exactly “we” oppose is rarely
discussed – it seems that almost any critique of the TUC and its “conservative” anti-austerity is acceptable.

Consequently we do not engage with each other. Conflicting accounts are not discussed, mere assertion of opposition suffices. This
situation seems to us to be unsatisfactory.

Hence, we call this meeting to discuss our critique of the TUC. “We” is in this case, on the one hand, some students who were active in the 2010 student movement and, on the other hand, the Wine & Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London. Each group will present its own critique of the TUC’s call “A future that works”. Afterwards, we
want to critique each other, receive critiques from the audience, and develop a clearer account of why the TUC’s “alternative” to the cuts should be resisted. The guiding question will be: “For what reason do we oppose ‘A future that works’?”.

The TUC’s campaign pamphlet can be accessed here:
– http://afuturethatworks.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/aftw-booklet.pdf

Wednesday October 17th:

3pm-5pm- Ken Loach Presents: “which side are you on?”, Short film on 9/11 and Q and A

6pm-7:30pm- London Coalition Against Poverty:  Fighting for our rights to housing and welfare: Mutual support and direct action work!

7.30pm Film Screening: Riot From Wrong

Thursday October 18th:

6pm-7.30pm Marindela – The Spanish Communist Utopia: Dan Hancox, Guardian journalist and author.

6-8pm The future isn’t working: Life beyond the wage and work beyond the wage by Michael Calderbank, Red Pepper

7:30-9:00pm Fuel Poverty Action present: What is fuel poverty in relation to cuts/ capitalism/ climate change and how can we take action against those causing it over the coming winter.

For more see: http://cutscafelondon.wordpress.com/events/


Oct 032012

1. The issue of how we support and enable citizens with independent living /social care needs is one of the key domestic issues of the 21 century. As such we call on all political parties to give this issue the attention and urgency it deserves.

 2. The aims, outcomes and actions detailed in the ‘Improving life chances for disabled people[1]’ and the ‘Independent living strategy[2]’ remain the best way of achieving equality for disabled people. As such we call on all political parties to re-iterate their agreement and obligations under these strategies, in particular:

a)To achieving full equality for disabled people by 2025

b)Each locality to have a user led organisation modelled on Centres for Independent Living.

c)Supporting independent living work towards a new approach that delivers support, equipment and/or adaptations according to need.

d)More coherent and explicit standards to be developed bringing legislation and other rights into a coherent framework for improving the life chances of disabled people.

e)The need to identify the benefits of delivering Independent Living to wider society including the economic case for investment in Independent Living support.

 3.Adequate funding, from general taxation and national insurance contributions should be allocated and ring fenced for independent living / social care support. This funding must be recognised as key to upholding the rights of disabled peoples’ inclusion. Support for disabled people should be free at the point of delivery.

4.DPAC completely oppose the abolition of the Independent Living Fund (ILF). The ILF should be developed to become a national, strategic centre of excellence for independent living based on the needs, interests and human rights of disabled people. The Centre would deliver independent living support to disabled people of all ages and all impairments and be co-produced with ILF users,  disabled people and their organisations 

5.   The ILF model helps the government meet its obligations to uphold disabled people’s rights under UNCRDP especially the obligations under article 19[3].

6.   The ILF works! It has a proven track record in delivering independent living support at a cost far lower than that of Local Authorities (2% overhead costs[4] compared to 16% for Local Authorities)

 7.DPAC calls for this current flawed and inaccessible consultation on the ILF to be halted and the government instead to set up an independent ILF task force made of ILF users, ILF themselves with significant representation from disabled peoples organisations. The task force must be operated independently of the ODI, DWP with a resourced remit to carry out needs led review of ILF within the wider framework of independent living and social care support.

 8.DPAC will only support changes to the current system which benefit disabled people’s right to live independently such as changes to the ILF trust dead, extension of ILF to new applicants, and the removal of charging for support from the Extension Fund. DPAC will continue to highlight the negative aspects of DILNOT recommendations.


Supporting independent living and value for money

 9.The £250 million currently spent on supporting 20,000 disabled people with the highest support needs is just 0.004% of GDP[5]. (This equates to an average per person of £241.00 per week or £35 per day).  This funding should be viewed with pride as both an indicator of the success of the ILF but also as an investment that:


a)   enables disabled people with the highest support needs to have real choice and control over their lives and in doing so contribute to, and take part in, society.

b)   is key to disabled people maintaining independence, social networks, health and well-being. Without this funding disabled people’s needs will escalate resulting in higher cost crisis health and residential interventions ‘further down the line’

c)   creates jobs – there are many thousands of personal assistance jobs created by the ILF

10. DPAC opposes the abolition of the ILF and the transfer of its functions to L.A’s on the following grounds:

11. The ILF is a proven and cost effective mechanism for providing support to disabled people with the highest support needs. It has running and overheads costs of just 2%[6] compared to 16% for L.A. social care services.

12. ILF has many of the characteristics of an excellent          independent living support service that L.A’s lack including:

a)   a needs- led independent approach to support unlike L.A’s social care services which increasingly operate first and foremost as gate keeping systems that ration and limit access to social care

b)   an in-depth expertise on independent living issues particularly in relation to supporting disabled people with high support needs

c)   a key aim of providing monies for personal assistants to enable independent living and the full inclusion of disabled people with the highest support needs

d)   portability of support packages – enabling disabled people to move easily like non disabled people without fear of losing support

e)   minimum overheads and bureaucracy that is valued by disabled people using the ILF users which results in running/overhead costs of just 3%

f)    a national eligibility criteria that is the basis for a consistent and equitable service.

The potential impact of the transfer of ILF functions to Local Authorities:

13. There is evidence to show  that without additional or replacement ring fenced funding to maintain ILF support packages the impact on mainstream LA social care funding will mean: 

a)   L.A’s will have little choice but to limit social care support to those with critical needs thereby denying the vast majority of disabled people the support they need to maintain decent, healthy and active lives.

 b)   Local Authorities are increasingly focussed upon essential basic care, not upon full independent living for their service users. Care is, often confined to meeting only critical needs, other than when engaged in a joint package with the ILF. So for disabled people with high support needs , ring fenced funding, external leverage and a dedicated programme are needed, which is impossible to operate within Local Authorities. 

14. The vast majority of disabled people who get ILF support are likely to see their support packages dramatically cut on transfer to the L.A resulting in less choice and control than they currently experience.

15. It will also mean an increase in non-voluntarily moves to residential care with all the attendant risks of abuse, neglect and removal of rights that this entails. Many disabled people will then be at further risk as they attempt to remain at home with inadequate support.

The reasons cited by the government for transferring ILF functions to LA’s simply do not stand up to scrutiny

16. The transformation of L.A social care into a system of    personalised support cited by the government as a key    justification for transferring functions to L.A’s is simply not the        experience of disabled people accessing or trying to access    L.A social care support.

 17. Our experience backed up by research shows a very     different picture:

a)   L.A social care services are increasingly operating first and foremost as gate keeping systems that seek at all stages to ration and limit access to social care. This is further exacerbated by the postcode lottery.

b)   access to social care is increasingly only given to meet very basic personal care needs and these needs are met by increasingly prescribed and rationed services, for example the now notorious 15 minute ‘home care’ visits, that are removing all choice and control from disabled people.  

c)   that the aims and outcomes envisaged by the development and piloting of personal budgets have simply not been achieved . Around 47%[7] of disabled and older people are still without a personal budget and while numbers recorded by LAs to be on personal budgets grows, numbers in receipt of Direct Payments has stalled[8]. The freedoms envisaged by personal budgets have not materialised. L.A’s have in the main retained the control (and the 16% overhead costs) that were meant to be transferred to the disabled person. 

d)   The investment in local user led disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) which were seen as a key mechanism for delivering personalised support, has not taken place. Funding for DPOs and independent Direct Payment and personal budget support has been disproportionately cut. Research by Inclusion London in 2011 found that 1 in 5 DDPOs in London expected to close by end of 2013.[9] 

e)   Current government proposals are completely unacceptable. Without  any replacement or additional funding to maintain the support packages of disabled people currently supported by the ILF the vast majority of ILF users will be stripped of their basic rights, independence, quality of life and dignity,  forced to either go into residential care or go without essential support . This spectre is causing untold stress and anxiety to ILF users.

 f)DPAC condemns the failure of this government to commit or   explain in the current consultation how it intends to secure to  fund the cost of ILF support packages after the planned    closure of ILF in April 2015.

 DPAC calls for the continuation and expansion of the ILF

 19.The State must act to ensure that disabled people with   complex and high support needs are supported to live         independent lives.

 20. The ILF could provide much needed independent living  expertise to disabled people and social care practitioners as  well as national criteria to improve consistency of take up of   independent living support.

 21.The ILF should be expanded into a model for a national,         strategic centre of excellence for independent living based on the needs, interests and human rights of disabled people          and delivering independent living support to disabled people          of all ages and all impairments.

 22. Disabled people must be involved from the start in          developing this national centre of independent living. The    new model must retain the successful and much valued          aspects of the ILF including:

a)   enable geographical mobility through ‘portability’ of care packages (particularly important for taking up education, training and employment opportunities);

b)   attract committed funds from local authorities;

c)   be effectively delivered with minimal overheads and duplication;

d)   be innovative, exemplary and incentivise best practice;

e)   provide on-going and flexible support to users in a way which builds confidence in independent living;

f)    combines national consistency with support for local innovation.

 23. Extend eligibility to ILF to include:

a)   Disabled people not in employment for 16 hours or more per week

b)   Older people

c)   Residents of long-stay hospitals and campus accommodation and former residents living in the community

d)   People with very high support needs through removal of the joint ceiling cap

e)   Disabled people beyond only those in receipt of higher rate car component of Disability Living Allowance

f)    Disabled people in parenting roles where local authority support should be considered as eligible expenditure

g)   Removal of the requirement to take a partner’s benefits and capital into account in assessing an ILF recipient’s means

h)   Targeted work to increase take up by disabled people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups

i)     Disregard of a Disabled Students Grant and any student loan in calculating an ILF award

j)     Taking account of the costs which disabled parents face if their children are in further or higher education, and assessment of capital should make adequate disregard of savings for this purpose.

k)   Disabled people with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of less than six months

l)     Disregard of occupational pensions from financial assessment for the ILF

m) Bringing capital limits on savings into alignment with those of LAs

n)  ILF users who become eligible for NHS continuing care






[2] http://odi.dwp.gov.uk/odi-projects/independent-living-strategy.php

[3] http://www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=259

[4] http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/caring-for-our-future-response.pdf

[5]Based on World Bank figure for 2011 UK GDP of 1,495,567,800,000.

[6] http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/caring-for-our-future-response.pdf

[7] Figures at March 2012 from ADASS

[8] http://www.adass.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=816:personal-budget-survey&catid=156:press-releases-2012&Itemid=470

[9] www.inclusionlondon.co.uk/a-matter-of-survival

with thanks to all contributors

Oct 012012

on Friday October the 12th 2012, we’re going to broadcast BBC Radio 5 Live’s Shelagh Fogarty Show from a venue in Sheffield from 12 – 2pm. The focus of the is how the coalition has performed so far and I am inviting an audience of people looking to question the Deputy Prime Minister of the issues that matter to them.

You would need to be able to make your way to our venue in Sheffield city centre by 10.30am in order for everyone to be seated and for us to do various warm ups and rehearsals before we go live on air, and the event would finish by 2pm at the latest.

We are particularly interested in hearing strong personal stories of people who have been affected by the changes to the benefit system. If anyone is interested could you pass on their number so I can have a brief chat?

Thank you,

Joanna Ing

BBC Radio 5 live


(            0161 335 6506      )


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Oct 012012

if anyone can go please ask to be in the audience.

BBC Radio 5 Live

Victoria Derbyshire Show at the Conservative Party Conference

With Ministers and Senior Politicians


On Monday 8th October Victoria will be holding an audience debate in Birmingham covering the Conference. If you would like the opportunity to come and put your views forward or simply listen to the live debate please contact us on 01299 829299 as soon as possible or by email to alisonpedley@btinternet.com withyour name and telephone number and we will call you. 

Topics – These will be decided nearer to the date but may include:

The most topical issue on the day

An overview on where you think the party are

The future of the party

A look at their tax policies, unemployment and the economy 

The venue is City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra , CBSO Centre, Berkley Street, B1 2LF

For directions please refer to their website:  http://www.cbso.co.uk/?page=experience/directions.html

Doors open at 8 a.mto be seated by 9 a.m. the programme starts at 10.00 a.m. finishing at 12 noon.  

Admission is limited so apply for your place as soon as possible

Please circulate to anyone that you think might be interested in taking part.                                                 

Normal terms and conditions apply.

Minimum age 16 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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