Oct 102012


Rally Against ATOS, 16th October Winfoeld House Portsmouth
The past few weeks have seen yet more attacks on benefits and disabled people across the country, with George Osbourne’s speech spelling out yet more disgusting cuts to the benefit system, fines for people who make mistakes on benefit forms, proposals to restrict benefits for people who have more children whilst on benefits, cutting benefits for those who appeal ATOS decisions and preventing anyone under 25 from claiming housing benefit regardless of circumstance. ATOS the company contracted to reduce the numbers of people on disability benefits has repeatedly shown that they have no understanding of disabilities and no interest in what impact their decisions really have on peoples lives. ATOS has caused stress, strain and death among disabled people in our society and show no sign of stopping.The death of Colin Traynor after ATOS assessed him wrongly as fit to work was yet another tragic show of what ATOS and the current government really care about and it is not human life.Disabled People Against Cuts Portsmouth has called a rally against ATOS, We call for the WCA and recent Welfare Reform Acts to be scrapped, the DWP’s contracts with ATOS to end immediately, and the introduction of a more humane and compassionate welfare system We will not sit back and accept the attack, we will fight back. Help us to prevent more death and destruction of disabled people lives, Join us and Rally against ATOS!


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  1. after i was so called assessed which even before i got the result i knew it would be a whitewash, a set up, whatever you want to call it?, i was told i am now on the employment support allowance,, i asked for a copy of the assessment, reluctantley they handed it over and to no surprise the assessment was carried out by a state registerd nurse.
    who obviousley diddent even bother reading what i put, and every word contradicted what is on my dissability living forms ,{ how many meters can i walk and so on}it comes as no surprise to me that this scum goverment was to target the sick and dissabled, with the help of the lapdog liberals, i am now in appeal, a few years ago i sufferd a brain haemmorage, in which the doctors all thought i wasent going to make it ,{ i,m still here} but along with other health related issues, have limited my ability to do what i did before the haemmorage, i worked for 30 years bringing up my familly, paying into the state, but companies like atos aren,t botherd about your abillities, rather how quickly they can rob you of whats rightefully yours, hence the so called health care workers, which in effect are glorified pen pushing beaurocrats, they employ state registerd nurses to make decisions about the sick and dissabled, instead of getting the right professional doctor for the right illness, yep its a fit up all right, but what turns around comes around, these greedy nurses, eager to climb the corporate ladder will one day, when the benefit claimers have dropped dramatically, find themselves fired off by atos, and end up on the dole themselves?.
    thats all this is greed, if any of these people had any conciouses they would realize this and get work elsewhere, me myself i fought and won one battle for survival, and won ,now i,ll fight this one, i might not win but i,ll sure make it uncomfertable for those in charge who i come across.

  2. What time is the protest starting ?

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