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Here is the launch of the promised map to show disabled protestors who would have gone on the demo if they could but due to the many barriers, were unable to. We are adding all the messages we get as fast as we can. We are touched and encouraged by many of the messages in solidarity. Do read them by clicking on the pins from up north in Scotland, down in Cornwall and also in Wales. We are having lessons in UK geography in tracking the first part of postcodes – we try to be accurate to the nearest city!
View TUC 26thMarch DPAC online Protest in a larger map

But we were asked if we can also add allies onto the map too.. So those who wish to add their messages of support can do so too now.

Please let as many people as you can to add their protest online so that the footsteps/protests of disabled people and their allies can be visible and be counted in the TUC March for the Alternative!

Send your emails of support to


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  186 Responses to “In Solidarity with the Protesters on the Streets on 26 March online Map: disabled people and allies”

  1. Been off work sick with a mixture of illnesses
    recently had to atend an atos medical for swapping over to the new benefits and they called me up 2 weeks later saying id gotten zero points and that i was fit for work . i have agoraphobia M.E,chronic idiopathic utacaria ,diabetese and am severely depressed and suicidal , ive been messed around so much i just want to hide in a corner n cry , ive just been stoped a weeks cash because i handed in a sicknote a few days late due to doctor appointment availability and haveing no cash for transport to the doctors in the first place £60 to live on for 2 weeks …

  2. I’m really disappointed that, despite me emailing it in before the march proper, my name still hasn’t been added to the virtual march… =(

    • Anjali, I am sorry about that. Somebody had ticked that your message had been added – it might have ‘wandered ‘ but you are definitely on there now.

  3. I realise I’m a bit late, only found the site today. I really wanted to go on the march, but I have severe COPD, which curtails my mobility quite a bit. I still might have gone…I feel so strongly about this issue….but I’ve heard so many tales about ordinary people being trapped by the police, with no access to toilets etc, I was too afraid to go.

  4. you can add my name too, i was with the armchair army!

  5. Just wanted to thank those who marched, and those who helped in other ways to make the march as big as it was. Pity was that i couldn’t go, 3 kinds of arthritis, fybromyalgia and chronic hypertension prevented me trolling about in a wheelchair with depleted batteries!

    Thanks to all who were there and/or work behind the scenes, and lets hope that someone listens to the big society getting together to say “NO” to cuts and more.

  6. I would have been there but at the moment I am unable to walk or sit but I now understand the value of the smallest things. My son worked in a cafe, where an old man came in every week for his lunch. He was severely disabled and was bought in on a community bus – a service that is about to be cut. We all benefit from living in a society where se believe it is people’s right to expect support rather than one where people are forced to beg for charity. I salute all those on the march,

  7. To know that you were all marching with us today made the legs less achy, the arms less tired and the banners fly with pride.
    Thank you all.
    God bless

  8. I would loved to be there i am bed bound and disabled

  9. Thanks to all the protesters toda – only a disability related injury prevents me from attending.

    I condemn the application of right-wing Tory dogma, which selfishly benefits the rich haves at the expense of the poor and disabled have nots.

    Hasta la victoria siempre!

  10. Best wishes and solidarity to all who are marching today, I hope safely and certainly bravely. I cannot because of my mobility difficulties but I am there in spirit.

    Like many of us I am not opposed to carefully thought out cuts, which are obviously necessary, combined with tax rises, which also are, but these cuts are anything but careful or thought out.

    Particular commendations to those from the police who have decided to join their fellow citizens in this massive protest. Hopefully, here we really can be ‘all in it together’.

    Jane Rea

  11. adding my little voice here in sheffield, s13

  12. Hi. I have lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, sjorgrens sensory neuropathy etc. etc. and also have a daughter 16 with Downs Syndrome and heart problems. Also have my eldest son living at home 26 plus his brother 24 and HIS daughter 4. I know the meaning of having to fight for my daughter and how much has been achieved up to now for people with disabilities and special needs. Have already been waiting for my son and daughter to be housed for 4 years – however things did seems to be getting better!1 NOW – as per usual with any tory party in any form of power (I am sorry for those who voted Lib Dem but you were totally sold out) it is the vulnerable – young and old; disabled and special needs people – those who give their time and energy to providing help for the vulnerable; carers; teachers; police and firefighters; not to mention doctors and nurses who are being hit hard and fast!! I give my total support to marchers and wish I could be with you!! However; it’s been a long time since my last real march and believe it or not the cry then was ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Remember the miners and privatisation – David Cameron Thatchers Son? Nick Clegg Get Out of Bed! Good luck to all. Maggie. My daughters Sadurday Club is threatened with closure and there seems to be a threat to her going into 6th Form as headmaster (cuts again) is putting a halt to level 1 entry for special needs children!
    My post code is NW3

  13. Hi. I have lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, sjorgrens sensory neuropathy etc. etc. and also have a daughter 16 with Downs Syndrome and heart problems. Also have my eldest son living at home 26 plus his brother 24 and HIS daughter 4. I know the meaning of having to fight for my daughter and how much has been achieved up to now for people with disabilities and special needs. Have already been waiting for my son and daughter to be housed for 4 years – however things did seems to be getting better!1 NOW – as per usual with any tory party in any form of power (I am sorry for those who voted Lib Dem but you were totally sold out) it is the vulnerable – young and old; disabled and special needs people – those who give their time and energy to providing help for the vulnerable; carers; teachers; police and firefighters; not to mention doctors and nurses who are being hit hard and fast!! I give my total support to marchers and wish I could be with you!! However; it’s been a long time since my last real march and believe it or not the cry then was ‘Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher’. Remember the miners and privatisation – David Cameron Thatchers Son? Nick Clegg Get Out of Bed! Good luck to all. Maggie.

  14. Good Luck every one am there in spirit and following it on the news NR29

  15. Sadly I am unable to join this march due to disability problems. If I loose my DLA, I will not survive!


  16. I wish I could join the march but I have Crohn’s Disease with a stoma bag (ileostomy) which makes going out difficult because I need to go to the toilet almost every hour. I fully support the cause and am so pleased that this forum allows the lesser able to be counted too. My location is London, postcode area N11.

  17. To David Cameron as in the words of Matt Baker “How on earth do you sleep at night?”

  18. SE18

    I fully support the march against the cuts and hope the government listens

  19. I wish to give my full support to all those of you who have made it to the march today. I wished I could be with you but sadly because of ill health I cannot be there. Down with this Government and all that tosh that we are in this together, Yes they are all in it togerther ( Millionaire club ) making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Best of luck to all of you and I am there in spirit.

  20. I would like to have been on the March, as I am worried about the fact that I am disabled and am worried that the changes and proposed cuts to Disability Living Allowance and other benefits will leave me unable to afford the care I need.

    Unfortunately, though, I am not well enough to join large crowds and March.

    I wished to register my solidarity, though.

  21. i offer my full suport to the march , cant come because of dissabilites, i go to the vale day centre for people with mental health problems in leeds , the council are proposing to close us down , leaving lots of vulnerable people wth no where to go ,this will cost more money in the end , day centres cost about 33 pounds a day phsyciatric ward about 3000 pound a week, more people will get worse without these vital centres . its time we all made a stand and said no to these disgusting cuts

  22. I’m protesting from Cambridge CB1 1ER

  23. A message of solidarity to the marchers in London today, we cant be there due to very young children but as NHS workers we are extremely concerned at the cuts in essential services, in pay, and the underhand way these are being delivered and dressed up as effectiveness measures. Not only will the lower salaried and the public sector workers have to pay now, but we will also have to pay in the longer term when public services that we rely on crumble, crime rises, and educational standards slip, whilst those who can afford to and believe in paying for their health and education will not suffer at all. We stand in spirit and belief with those who are marching and are grateful to all the marchers for adding their voice to the many who are unable to attend.

    Susanne and family


  24. Good luck to everyone on the march today.
    I hope the Government takes note of the strength of feeling against their cuts agenda.
    Having a disability and being unemployed at the age of 62 is not much fun here in Stoke.
    I would love to be there supporting the cause but finances are very tight.
    yours in solidarity, Hans in ST8

  25. I wish I could be there, but have hypermobilty issues as well as heart condition, and sadly there is no way I would be able to walk that far, if I did then I would not be able to go to work next week – though I only work part time work, as I physically can’t cope with full time work. Part time just about pays our bills. My OH, work has also dried up and he is working part time/ad hoc, as there is no other work for him at present. So we just about scrape through.

    I am terrified that if I am ill again for any length of time or if I loose my job (I work in one of the threatened Public Services) that we will fold like a pack of card. For one thing we wouldn’t be able to keep the house warm, which I need to do, this last winter nearly killed me.

    So like many other’s I am there with you all in mind and spirit.

    My location is Sheffield

  26. I would like to add my support to all the people who are on the march today and to all those people who are unable to go but are making some form of online protest.

    We need to let this uncompassionate Blue & Yellow Tory government know what a heartless, selfish, soulless bunch they are and that we won’t just sit back and let them do this.

    My postcode is PL24 2PN

    • Can people please send all messages to please this will not be manned today so NONe of your messages will be going thru if you put them here.

      • The email address doesn’t work – neither does dpac26march…. Any thoughts on what else to try?

      • Hi… it may not be important but you cannot email to this address ( … 2 reasons: 1. the email address is spelt wrong (easy mistake) & 2. I think it is the wrong email address & keeps coming back as failed….
        The correct email for the virtual protest is
        I have successfully sent my email now…
        I so wish I was able to march with you all… I’m sitting here terrified of the future… I only want fairness & hope for all of us!!!

    • Thanks for the opportunity to add my name to the protest the disabled are not always given the chance to protest – Eileen Falconer-Douglas

    • i truly believe that todays march was inevitable given the”dictatorship” sorry.. government we are now stuck with, so i wish everyone on or supporting the march all the best and good luck! 🙂

  27. I support each and everyone of you on the march in London today..together we can bring down this condem farce and force through a vote of no confidance on their policies and cuts..the time is here to stand strong and in solidarity for our freedoms, rights, democracy, for our lives, our homes, or jobs and our health.. we cannot allow them to destroy this country, or our futures. Many will die as a result of the cuts, the benefits sanctions, the fuel hikes, the hb cuts etc.. we must defend them and ourselves and our friends and families and neighbours and communities
    sadly I wont be in London, as i feel its too risky for me to be in a large crowd or to get kettled with menieres disease.. if i fell, i may end up trodden on or i am supporting everyone on line and here. good luck to you all freedom fighters, the new diggers and chartists are here…down with the condems.

  28. Sutton SM1. I’m not able to joint the march as I’m weakened through cancer but I am furious about the severity of the cuts and will be with you in spirit and watching on the TV. I’m doing my protests by email to the powers that be. I have never felt so threatened in my life with my council bath service cut, my taxicard transport cut by more than half and charge nearly doubled and am fearful about the forthcoming cuts in disability benefits which it has been said will not take account of the medical condition and prognosis but of “need”. Yet they still want their council and income taxes. I hope there is good weather for the march, that it is peaceful and that the Condem government is forced to change their plans. Good luck.

  29. I wish I could come and march for the alternative to this government’s approach. I am there in mind and spirit and willing you all on for a peaceful and strong and brave march against this dreadful government.

    I am recovering from cancer treatment. During my chemotherapy when I didn’t have work and was living on £64 per week I had to go for an ‘ getting back to work’ interview. I think the woman interviewing me felt ashamed when she saw how ill and weak I was. I went out of fear of losing my meagre benefit. How much worse this sort of thing will get under this new government. As I said to the woman, who would actually employ me in this state, and even if they did, the first thing they’d have to do is send me home because I was simply unable to work.

    These ministers come from incredible privilege, they simply don’t understand the challenge facing people when they are ill or disabled. Like planning to only travel once a week so as to keep the cost affordable. Like not being able to keep properly warm etc etc

    They lack all compassion and are heartless, selfish and dangerous people. Their actions to dismantle public services make me ashamed to be British. And, don’t forget, they have no mandate for their cuts.

    Now that I am beginning to work again I am pleased to be able to pay taxes again and contribute for the benefit of others in worse situations than me. That, for me, is the Big Society, we already have it. We don’t need some jumped up, millionaire, smug men from private schools to tell us otherwise. They and their ilk go out of their way to avoid paying taxes.

    So, good luck to you all tomorrow and good luck to us all in overthrowing this government without a mandate.

  30. I will be marching for all of you tomorrow and you’ll all be in my heart…many thanks for your wonderful support :)x

  31. ‘All in this Together’

    If we’re ‘all in this together’, for real,
    How comes there is so little appeal,
    Amongst those of us at the sharp end,
    You know, the ones with least to spend.

    If we’re ‘all in this together’, was true,
    Why do the many pay while the few
    Silver-spooned insulated millionaires,
    Strut through life without any cares.

    If we’re ‘all in this together’, made sense,
    Why do the rich then go on the defence,
    When we show them a way out of this hole,
    One that doesn’t throw millions on the dole.

    If we’re ‘all in this together’ why are the poor
    Still standing in queues at the rich man’s door
    Men made rich from the sweat of others,
    By the toil of us workers; sisters and brothers.

    We’re ‘all in this together’ us, working folk,
    And, we can see the country ain’t broke;
    If all tax cheats just paid what they owe,
    This would allow the economy to grow.

  32. I can’t come as I have cancer but I am energetically supporting all of you that can physically go.
    Shout up loud and proud…shout for me against this inhumane decision…let them know we refuse to be ignored.
    Good Luck x

  33. PS. I’ve read through this site and cried – I hope someone in our government listens

  34. We, myself and my children, sincerely wish all success for a powerful message of the disabled people against the cuts in protest! We are totally there in spirit and will be looking eagerly for news. I have Dyslexia and My 11 year old Daughter has Severe Dyslexia too, my son has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and my 12 year old has complex and uncontrolled epilepsy and severe Learning Difficulties (She has not been well this week), My 9 year old Nephew has a genetic disorder which will lead to him being Blind. I am very sad that we have even had to reach a point of having to campaign for our rights what a sad image of the government that leads our country and with sorrow comes anger at the attack of the Conservative lead Government against disabled people with these cuts – which affect all of us, with visible and invisible impairments. Complete solidarity with everybody who is marching!

  35. I had hoped to be taking part in the march, my disability only being partial, i booked a coach place but have not been able to arrange anything to get me to and from the coach. My home is on the Isle of Wight where I am an active campaigner against the cuts. To everybody on the march, good luck and show the Wesminster b******s that we don’t want their slash and burn policies, we want a country fit for people to live in and a government fit for purpose.

  36. I cannot be at the march tomorrow physically but in spirit I will be from SE12

    Just too poorly to take part.

    Lets hope the resounding voice of the people saying ‘NO’ to this governments agenda be heard rather then it making decisions in our name about us with no consideration of us.

    As a disabled person relying on social care and benefits to live I see no future ahead for me and so many thousands of others unless this government truly starts listening and reatrcting soem of its policies.

    Care is being withdrawn from disabled people here, many who ask for help will get nothing unless they can pay privately for it, charges for care are increasing, benefit rates have dropped, DLA increased by 30p a week folks yet the price of all food and household costs has risen through the roof.

    Pensioners will have heating allowance dropped by £100 for my mum of 84 yet this was not anounced in the budget was it? She needs full time care yet social servicies state due to cuts they can only provide two hours a day spread between three visits.

    Half my care is funded by the Independent Living Fund which this government is scrapping in 4 years time and local authorities are meant to fund the cost yet they have less money not more for such care provision.

    Housing benefit being reduced for those who have council homes with bedrooms not in use regardless of the limited number of adapted homes available. Even my council does not know what to say to help me being in this situation, stay put we have no where else to put you I am told, but then I cannot afford the rent so I will be evicted eventually anyway.

    Lives have been lost, so many more lives are at risk yet it seems disabled people are to bear the harshest cuts this government is making, decisions and mandates none of us voted for.

    I see my hard working famiies lives being eroded by loss of jobs and inflation none of us can cope with let alone those who the poorest in the country

    Last night on BBC Question Time a government MP and minister stated we had millions of pounds in reserve for fighting wars and for actions like Libya yet disabled people in thier own country are deemed ‘unsustainable’ by our own government when we cost more then is deeemed ‘reasonable..

    A million pound for a missle it costs all affordable we are told but disabled people? nah we are not worth supporting to stay just on the poverty line.

    By such decisions the record of a government will be defined in the future, a government that believes disabled people are not worthy of a quality life, not worthy enough to be supported and cared for, not worthy unless they are in any work be it slavery or below minimum wage jobs we must ‘work’.

    Hard enough to work at living is the lot of many disabled people, hard enough to live with hatred, hostility and attitudes that deem as as not worthy, hard enough to live with chronic pain, disease and impairment which so many of us rise above acheiving great things in the arts, studies or voluntary activities but this is not ‘good enough we must do ‘work’ as defined by this government.

    We must ‘earn’ our lives and then maybe we will be deemed worthy of a token wage in ‘assisted employment’ regardless of how ill this may make us or how sooner we may die.

    I say ‘NO’ not in my name will such violations of human rights be tolerated.

    With every breath of my lungs and every beat of my heart I will be with all those who protest tomorrow and in the coming years to come.

    Anne Novis MBE

  37. Wish I could be there, but have CFS and can’t walk that far. Am with you in heart and mind all the way. I wish you all luck and the courage to overturn injustices.

  38. would love to be there, can’t due to problems with my MS. We must fight this evil unelected government destroying the values we hold so dear,,,

  39. As a power wheelchair user it is very difficult to participate in live demos, have tried several times and have always suffered from lack of physical access around due to too many people who just trapple all over you as if you are not really there and just a nuicence. Or the public transport will not take a large power chair. There are no charge up points to enable you to get around or back home. It is much easier formanual wheelchair users and I wish them well and thank them for their effort and committement.
    Thanks for allowing a virual demo and we should make it a main stream media involvement as well. The TV – News Channels – Sky, BBC, ITV & Channel 4, should be interviewing all the excluded demonstrators. That could be our accessibility. We are talking about the most cuts to the most vulnerable and the physically disabled in high needs i,e, powerchair users and the frail elderly people who’s benefits and services are the ones being cut should have a voice. Thanks to all those that ar standing up for us, much appreciated. Good luck, Peace and God Bless

  40. Unable to go on march due to current mental health problems but a big thank you to those who are going.


  41. I’m going on the March, and my 14 year learning disabled son will be there “in spirit” but he says it will be “too loud” and finds very crowded trains and buses stressful. I hope it will be “too loud”, and plan to be part of making a big noise tomorrow. It’s a long fight and all different kinds of activism and resistance matter, so let’s all keep on blogging, tweeting, sharing on facebook and generally making mischief.

  42. Hi,

    I can’t find my previous comment or request to be included so, just in case I messed up, I’d like to reiterate my support and add my location.

    Bryn LL65

  43. Forgot to add my postcode – MK7

  44. We would love to come to the protest, but although I have a power chair, my partner does not, and he is not able to walk any distance, also the cost of getting to London is too expensive for us. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

  45. I feel a very bashed my the system disabled person. Would love to be on the march but with ms and the battle of the engineering works on the tube it is not possible. Will be with you all in spirit and would love to raise a banner to say HELP us not treat us like lepers.

  46. Would love to come and support but live in Bristol and apart from the cost I’m just not up to it. I’m so disappointed and ashamed that it’s always the weakest in society that get hit hardest and pillaried for being sick / disabled / infirm. I’m there in spirit!! Someone in authority must understand that the present system is so difficult to “trick” that if someone is disabled, their Doctor say’s they’re chronically ill, Govt Consultants & independent Doctors agree and they are paid a pittance in allowance to survive on – its reall!!! WAKE UP Govt!! The sheep maybe getting teeth!!! Good luck tomorrow. Mike Bristol

  47. MS sufferer from Tonbridge Kent, i cant be with you in body, but i can in mind and spirit, and thank you all for this show of solidarity…

  48. can’t be there because of my ms, but with you in spirit.

  49. This Government seem to have no concept on what disability benefits are and how essential they are to disabled people.

    • Hi Gemma,

      Thanks for your support. Could you please supply us with the first half of your postcode, so we can include that in the map? Thank you

  50. To all those unable to march against the cuts on Saturday as a result of a disability or illness we wish you all the best and know you will be there demonstrating alongside us in spirit.

  51. Have only just come across this website! Unfortunately too, I am unable to attend this march, but I will be there in spirit, raging against the cuts and the people in the government who are so blinkered about what they are doing. If the cuts all go through there won’t be a society left, big or otherwise! I have only been using Direct Payments for the last 10 months and it has improved my life hugely, I would hate it if I lost them, my life would definitely go backwards in quality.

    Good luck to those on the march, wish I could be there!

  52. I don’t believe they can fathom the suffering that they, the Government, are inducing on those of whom they are treating with utter contempt.


  53. SO32

  54. I can’t be there but as ever , even more so, will be with you in spirit and in anger.

  55. Help! I want to ‘march virtually’ but can’t use the email address at the top of this page. I’m getting ‘Missing or malformed recipient’ – is it my system or is there an error?

    In case I don’t manage to email, this is my message:
    “Terrified of the various changes and proposals; my future looks very black. And I only call myself ‘semi’-disabled. This is how the disabled voice is silenced – but thanks to the internet, we need be silent no longer.

    I’ve never marched for anything but I would for this! I can’t even get to my nearest town, though, and staying on my feet for an hour would make me ill for a month. Best of luck and many thanks to all who do it, and all the rest who WOULD.”

    I’m at SN16.

  56. So sorry I cant be at the march.. i want to say a big thank you to all those who can on behalf of all of us.

    I have been paralysed from the chest down as a result of a spinal injury back in 1983. I have lived a very active and independent lifestyle for the past 10yrs being in receipt of Direct Payments & ILF funding. I’m very concerned about the cuts to both benefits, and the social care needed for anyone who is elderly, ill, or disabled. It angers me that this Government are picking on the most vulnerable people in our society . I now live in fear of losing my independence and being institutionalised.

  57. LN6
    Years ago I marched against Thatcher. Unfortunately failing health means I can’t be with you all this time but my husband and I will be here supporting you all the way, and glued to the telly

  58. MS sufferer from Wolverhampton. I hope millions show their refusal to see our great social history dismantled. Mike.

  59. I have a disability that makes it not at all practical to attend the march, but I support it with all my heart.

  60. So wish I could be there with you – so many people i knwo wanted to go but practical arrangements when you have disabilites have prevented them- will do what we can and think we should have a large rally here in edinburgh through the Scottish elections

  61. BN13

    Please add to the map and pass on support to all those who will be attending the march on behalf of me and others unable to get there due to health/financial restrictions – also filling in the renewal forms for DLA+ESA and going a little bit bonkers!! Good luck and stay safe.

  62. hi can’t be at the march as i can’t risk being kettled in at the moment!!!! and i hate having to miss it, but for those who can go, good luck, i hope it helps the government realize how they are threatening the lives of the ordinary and vulnerable people in this country, it’s very easy to say the words we are all in this together when your millionaires (all but 3 of the cabinet aren’t millionaires!!! and even those 3 will soon be now they have found a position in cabinet!!!!!) lets hope the police will be more tolerant of our protests now they are also being financially and socially attacked, who knows they could even join us!!!! here’s hoping

  63. good luck for saturday i am totally opposed to pip and time limit of esa .This governmentneeds to realise that disabled people have a voice.

  64. Can’t be there physically due to disability but my Son & I are supporting the march.

  65. HP22

  66. The public have been asked to tighten their belts. The disabled are being told to tighten them around their necks.

    On top of what I was already coping with I am now also suffering from extreme anxiety and depression at the prospect of the ESA medical from someone who will have no knowledge of my condition and the abolition of DLA. I have no other support. No home of my own, no family to turn to. Being sick and disabled can already make people question their own worth and yet we struggle to make the best of it. Now we are being told that in today’s society we have no worth and cannot be afforded.
    A society that only values those who can be economically active has no right to call itself civilised any longer.

  67. I wish I could be at the march in person, unfortunatly due to ill health I cannot be, but I will be there in spirit and would like to give thanks to all those who do make it and sincerely hope your own health’s do not suffer too much due to the need to stand up against a government that is using the sick and disabled as scapegoats for the state the country is in.

  68. I am absolutely in support of this demo and would have loved to have gone on the march, but sadly I can’t walk more than a few paces and have no-one to push me in a wheelchair (the NHS won’t supply an electric wheelchair unless you need one indoors… I can’t spend my DLA on a wheelchair becasue I need to spend it on a car… I can’t propel a manual wheelchair because I have an artificial shoulder grrrrrrr grrrrrr and more grrrrr). Also I am completely intimidated by the idea of being kettled and being taken ill because of my many illnesses and disabilties. There are far too many obstacles put in the way of us disabled people having a voice.

    Please add me to the map. My postcode is CB4.

  69. CB4
    Thank you for doing this, on behalf of myself and my mother. We’re disabled, we’re hanging on by a thread. My mother is almost suicidal over the proposed cuts, and what little energy I have goes on keeping us both going. This government needs to see what it’s doing to us.

    • CB6
      Unable to be there in person, and neither is my husband as he’s my carer, but we send you supportive vibes and solidarity.

  70. I would definitely protest in person if I was able but due to my health problems and financial deficiency( DWP have decided I no longer qualify for DLA after paying me it for 6 years)I cannot. I will be there 100% in spirit on the day. TS7

  71. Pe10

    Though I will not be able to attend in the physical sense I will be there in spirit. Good luck and take care all those who do make it to the demonstration. Both myself and my husband have disabilities, though he is far worse than I am,. I have had to watch him deteriorate both physically and mentally at the hands of our so called government agencies. A once proud man who worked in the face of adversity to overcome his difficulties and who now needs assistance has been made to feel totally unworthy.

    In solidarity.

  72. PH2

  73. Stop these damaging cuts now

  74. Will be glued to the radio for news; will be with you in spirit. Good luck everyone! SO32

  75. Best of Luck on the March Wish I could be there myself as this is a worthy cause as this is the only way to get our point across I am all for it as long as people respect other people and property.


  76. AL4 The spirit is willing but the body is weak ……..can’t mange to physically get there but am certainly with you all in spirit.

  77. l12 4ya

  78. I am sorry I can’t be there but here is wishing for a peaceful and effective protest.



  79. believe it or not I live in London but am unable to attend the march. I have on occasion tried to navigate central London but the crowds are extreemly difficult and in some instances can be down right dangerous for both me and themselves.

  80. I hope someone takes notice of our plight, what is happening is barbaric!

  81. I’v been trying to keep up to date with the proposed changes to dla and find it horrifying to read whats planned. I’v already written to my mp about it but he doesn’t seem to share my concerns. Thank you to everyone who is able to attend the protest in my place. I just hope that the government will actually listen to the people who will be effected by these cuts, and stop listening to companies with only their own interests at heart.


  82. sorry forgot to give my post code Near Great Yarmouth…

  83. Wishing you all the best, sorry I cannot be there but will be there in spirit….these cuts effect everyone including the sick and disabled of tomorrow ….Time Limited ESA means the end of long term sick pay..

  84. A brillinat initiative – the power of the electronic age makes the impossible possible for some – The message is loud and clear for every one person who is marching many more are fully behind the protest and fear for thier future. It is clear when times get tough we are the easiest target – so it is critical that this method of demonstrating support is ciculated and suported as widely as possible. If you can’t make the march get behind the protest in any way you can Leicester CIL

  85. PLease add me to the map, ME5 7PX, thanks for all your hard work.

  86. add me to the Map please NE479SE

    • Do you have a message Annie?

      • Please can something be done about all the hassle disabled people have to go through to get benefits that are sorely needed. DLA is my lifeline and I would not be able to go out without it and my motability vehicle. I would be totally housebound without it. ESA is another sore point, whilst I qualify for highest rate mobility and middle rate care I still have to attend an annual medical to receive ESA benefit. Surely proof of entitlement to one benefit should be enough to satisfy entitlement to other benefits. How much money would the govenrment save this way?

  87. I can’t plan to travel anywhere for a protest, as I don’t know how I will be from one day to the next. I could be confined to bed- or I could be up and about looking almost normal (although the walking stick & massive doses of painkillers are all that get me through) but I have to use that lull in symptoms to take care of my home & family.
    As you can see, this unpredictability makes me unemployable & reliant on family to take care of me on bad days- yet it also means that receiving Disability Living Allowance is a battle. I was “lucky” in that I was granted it on my 2nd try- but only for 3 years (until the end of this year), despite having a lifelong condition.
    How likely is it that I will be that “lucky” again, in this climate of cuts and discrimination?
    I live in Brighton, Sussex, & help for disabled people here already relies heavily on charitable organisations- so how much more can they cut?!

  88. Best wishes from everyone at the Douglas Bader Centre here in Leicester. We have taken part in local demos but will not be able to get to London. Have a good day and sock to the government, they need to understand what their actions are doing to so many. So much for the big society and all being in this together! Good luck.

  89. I endured a hostile interview to try and get a disability living allowance payment.. Due to severe arthritis in my joints I find walking more than 20 yards excruciatingly painful. The interview was organised at a building with NO nearby disabled parking nearby and double yellow lines everywhere. It took me a full thirty minutes of pain to get there.. A ‘hobble’ of 200 yards. My claim was refused because they decided I could manage to peel a potato, AND get to the interview, therefore I was NOT entitled to any support. My wife was devastated. She has since died of an aggressive breast cancer.. I am trying to work up the courage to follow her, as I promised her when I stood by her coffin..
    I am so so supportive of this demonstration against this evil Government. I wish I could be there on the day.. I can only wish you all the very best, on your incredible show of solidarity..
    Godbless you all.. But PLEASE be careful ~ There are many in uniform who will not care if you happen to ‘fall’ over (when hit from behind).. and die..

  90. best wishes too all who can make the march and give those of us less able a voice. i wish I could be with you but my CMT prevents me walking very far.

    have a peaceful day, but please shout loud for all of us who cannot be there.

    Dave from Bromsgrove, Worcs.


  91. good luck to all those marching on saturday and stay safe! I wish I could be with you all but will be there in spirit.Make our voices heard.x

  92. To every single person who is taking their own time and often spending money to attend and march, may I send you all my most sincere best wishes for a good day, and to also thank you all most sincerely, on behalf not just of myself, but of every single less able bodied person in this country.
    Your actions are wholeheartedly supported by me and I’m sure everyone else in a similar position to me. I would dearly love to attend and march with you all, but due to severe back and neck problems this is just not possible for me.
    I will be with you all in spirit, every step of the way, and wish you all a sucessful day.
    Let’s make sure that Cameron and his cronies learn the true strength of feeling in our community, and lets all work together to stop this inhumane injustice and dehumanisation of the sick and less abled members of our once great society!
    Gareth xx

  93. After loads of thought and planning and activity in my PSA i have decided for health reasons i cannot attend this demo. I organised an electric scooter to bring on the coach, but when i found out are drop of point was Wembley it did seem impossible. Linda Burnip gave me excellent advice ( thanks ) but with our coach from Cumbria leaving at 02:00 saturday morning it all feels to bloody difficult. i have so much anger inside of me towards this government, and to be honest Labour also failed in many areas. I really think we need to build a socialist party, a workers party, we definately need to pressure out trade union leadership to act more radically. I am 56, veteran of miners strike, poll tax, wapping and so on. But this time is different, there is a large dis-enfranchised body of people ready to act, these folk will bear the brunt of the tory attacks and i think the cities may boil as they did in the eighties. i could go on!!..i still work as a nurse in the NHS, is that an organisation worth fighting for!!!…solidarity Nigel

  94. My heart is with u all… i cannot attend as I have three children all at school… I wanted to attend to preserve A future not only for my disabled daughter but also for my able bodied children… these cuts impact on everyone and will continue to do so for the future unless something is done… my full support goes to the protesters!!

  95. Good luck to all marching, thank you to everyone disabled or not who is taking the time to make a stand. I’ll be thinking if you from IV2.

  96. Although I am unable to attend the protest due to my disability, I will be there in sprit .
    I cant believe how the goverment is activally victimising the disable sick and elderly because they wont stop the bankers bonuses and tax evaders as they are there rich friends

  97. Cannot make any place to march but I am right behind you.I think every sick and disabled person is behind you,and will be walking beside you in thought as you walk,your doing it for the people.Have a proud heart sick and disabled,we are NOT scum,we are people with pride and have feelings,we cant help being sick.
    The Goverment picks on people that cannot defend their selves. It treats the Elderly very badly compared to other Countrys,Hundreds die alone and cold and now it wants to pick on the Sick and Disabled because we are easy targets.Go pick on the Bankers and the rest that swallow up Millions and dont need it.
    I’l get off my box and wish you good people all the very best,Go get em !!!

  98. Although I am unable to attend the protest due to my disability, I will be there in sprit with all Brothers and Sisters who can make it. That idoit in Downing Street has now managed to get us into yet another war that has nothing to do with us, while Telford and Wrekin Council prepare to make 530 members of staff redundant.


    I will be here, at home, money is low and resources too – but I am still fighting and smiling (-: Good luck to everyone else who is fighting for balance and life

    Mark Aldiss (-:

  100. agoraphobic-(or homeless and agoraphobic,or hanging from a length of rope very soon-thanks to camerons subhuman draconian measures).With you in spirit.
    Bring down this governement,now..they have money for wars,but apparently no money for NHS,education and welfare..the fundamental measures of a civilised society.

  101. The Rural Demon strikes again. And once again I’m disabled by London and I’m also, ostensibly, disabled by the the rally organisers. It looks to me like able bodied urban dwellers (15 coaches from Birmingham! – Guardian G2 22/03/11.) are being treated more favourably than us rural underlings.

    I was booked, with my wheelchair, on the Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People coach to the rally. Over the weekend I got this message from NCODP:

    “…due to the arrangements in London it has turned out impossible to guarantee complete accessible access travel to the march. The coach will be stopping at Stratford Station and people will need to make their own way through to the march, a journey which is not fully accessible via the Tube.”

    In a self propelled wheelchair that is near impossible for me. Talk about social barriers! NCODP did attempt to offset the problem by offering to pay travel fares but that’s still not possible for me.

    So from me, a helpless Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

  102. As if life isn’t difficult enough with a disability now the government are claiming to want to help us to be able to work but if I’m found fit for work how do I even get to work? I can’t even get out of the house by myself & social services tell me I’ll be waiting at least 1 year for a ramp so that I can! When I finally get the ramp I have the problem I live in a rural area, if you can’t drive which I can’t then you can’t get anywhere, the nearest bus stop is over 3 miles away & my powerchair won’t go over the cattlegrid to get to the bus stop, I can’t even open the gate by the side of the cattle grid to go through that. Why not move to a town or city people ask me. I want to but where’s the housing? Theirs very little wheelchair accessible housing & almost all of the few their are state they’re for over 55 years old only. I’m only 24 so I have a long wait! Also if I apply for housing I won’t get the ramp I need to be able to get out of the house by myself even though I could be waiting years for a suitable property.

  103. In solidarity (see West Cheshire Against the Cuts blog post) http:/

    • Im in East Cheshire, rural area near Mowcop.. there is nothing here, doesnt even seem to be a anti cuts group except in stoke 11 miles up the road, which is ok, but their meetings are at night in a noisy pub, a)I dont drive and taxi fare is £13 each way, and b) I have Menieres disease and tinnitus so I cant even hear what the hell is been discussed around me…

      I wanted to go to the rally, but the only coaches are union ones and from stoke early in the morning – Im not in a union, im unemployed/disabled/single and not even currently on benefits as the Gov are making me live off m savings until they are all but gone – how do i run my home, pay for rural transport, and extra help when i need it, if they take everything off me.
      Benefits shouldnt be based on having savings between 30k and 6k.. it should go on the fact you have a disability that limits your life, with menieres im not allowed to drive etc, i pay extra for loud phones, it limits my social life, it limits my capacity to ,imits my life.. i aso have a bowl disorder on top of it, and degeneration of the spine.. there are weeks in cold weather when im housebound.. summer im not as ill, unless its very damp, air pressure affects the menieres.
      this government is going to end up seen me homeless or selling my home in order to survive, not been able pay my insurance, my funeral plan (as i have no family) my extra help…where will it end.
      My only crime was been a full time carer for 24 years then becoming ill then inheriting my fathers home..
      for this I am punished – when all i want is to be able to get by, cope with my limitations and not be bullied by the state

  104. Wishes you all the best from BL4 on this most profound peaceful march to enable the government to learn enough is enough.

  105. wish I could be there…so I joined the armchair army and I am going to bombard the media instead.

    best of luck to you all on the day and the days ahead

  106. I am taking part in Armchair Activism on 26th March because I think the comprehensive cuts to social provision are nonsensical, dangerous, ideological, and not the will of the people.

    I would be marching physically in London were I not suffering from an auto-immune condition that restricts my mobility – so I am marching virtually instead! I will be: Writing a Blog, Comment is Free, Letters to MPs.

    In solidarity! Bec

  107. the cuts, to many, are about money – about belt-tightening and being left with less for each day worked. to the disabled, however, the cuts are not about money at all, they’re about about life – about not finding it quite so easy to work compensatory hours or take one less holiday a year; about not being quite so agile or innovative in suddenly austere times; about not being quite so robust as the rest of the world grits its teeth; about feeling disenfranchised when empathy is considered expensive; about having had less room to wriggle even when the going was good. the cuts, to the disabled, are all this and more, because – mr and mrs cameron – not everyone affected by disability has private wealth to fall back on.

    i’d be marching, too, but hiv-related fatigue leaves me flat on my back after an hour. but like they used to shout in another time and place: FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES!

  108. Hi from Gateshead I cant be at the march but I can be here on line each and every day speaking out against Ideology driven Barbaric cuts cuts cuts I have no doubt if this Government are not stopped countless lives will be destroyed forever not to mention freedom and Democracy for all.

    This Government like to project their power abroad with Aircraft Carriers sticking their little noses in corrupt trough of the Arms trade while at home they dont need bombs to kill Civillians they just unleash The BIG BROTHER TIME BOMB. TIME WILL JUDGE THESE MORONS FOR THEIR IDEOTIC TYRANY.

    I can only pray the world is watching on Saturday as the many expose a dysfunctional Ideological self serving morons.

    Paul Gateshead.

  109. What about a council tax strike, if these cuts go ahead we could refuse to pay our council tax. I’m already on CT strike because I don’t believe the seriously mentally ill who are forced to live in the community should have to pay CT (community charge ).

    Civil disobedience is the only weapon we have

    • Hi Bill

      if you want to add this to the map-please give your city – or the first part of your post code

  110. I am a manic depressive with agoraphobia issues. Am in the Bedfordshire area and unalbe to get to any of the events, although would do my best to get to one if it was in Luton or Bedford. Good luck to all protestors. x

  111. I hope that as many disabled people as possible will take part in this action, just to show this Government that we mean business, and we are not just going to sit back and let them walk all over us.

    • Hi Peter

      if you want to add this to the map-please give your city – or the first part of your post code

  112. This Brummie will be thinking about you. Give them hell guys and girls.

  113. I fully support this protest and wish I could be there. How do we register our protest.

  114. Good luck to you all. Stay safe. Wish I could be with you, due to health unable to do so. I will be thinking of you and will be doing my bit online. Best wishes. SOLIDARITY !

  115. We are both with you, my wife and myself, in the protest against the cuts and the vicious assault against chronicaly ill and disabled people.

    May God bless you all.

  116. There are so many people who are’nt aware of exactly what the cuts entail. When I’ve enlightened the few I’ve spoken to about them they are disgusted about the cuts and how uninformed the public are – and these are people who initially supported the cuts! Well done to all of you who could make it on the behalf of those who couldn’t. Thank you so much.

  117. Solidarity from Nepal.

  118. Wish I could be there. Good luck.

    • Hi Jackie

      if you want to add this to the map-please give your city – or the first part of your post code

  119. I wish i could be there with you all..But with NO DLA now Due to ATOS/DWP..and soon nowhere to live..i cant go. Too far for my daughter in law to push my wheelchair from Lincoln! LOL. Give them Hell from me!!! & all the rest of us!

  120. Some disabilities do not allow the adult or the family to attend as this would be too stressful for the person with the disability and put them in peril of their home support was removed. There are no respite places to let people go to protest. Furthermore cut backs will damage not only the person with the disability but siblings, peers and families. I want a peaceful march to state that this can be done with dignity and that you are listened to with understanding and respecti.

    • Hi Anne

      if you want to add this to the map-please give your city – or the first part of your post code

  121. From NR20

    Can’t be with you in person but will support you from here. All the best.

  122. From Stoke-on-Trent, with you in spirit if not in body.

  123. Will be there in spirit,doing my bit of armchair protesting.Wish i could be there ,make it good one !!!

    • Hi Paula

      if you want to add this to the map-please give your city – or the first part of your post code

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