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DPAC Research Reports:

Independent Living Fund - UK Media Coverage - June 2014
DWP Abuse of Statistics June 2013
Work Capability Assessment Factfile, June 2013
Independent Living Fund Closure Factfile, June 2013
Work Capability Assessment - UK Media Coverage (Issue 2) December 2013
Media reporting on Disability and Disability Hate Crime (Issue-1 May 2014)
No Money-No Food-No Heating - Testimonies of Disabled People who have been Sanctioned - May 2014  
Warning: This document contains distressing material
Reports of WCA Related Suicides (Issue-1 May 2014) 
Warning: This document contains distressing material
Six Months and Still Waiting - Personal Testimonies of PIP Assessment Delays Issue 1, May 2014
Submission to the Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry into ESA and JSA (Final 20-3-14)
ILF briefing 13 June 2014
DPAC Report - ESA Support Group Work Focussed Interview - [January 2015] (Final)

Reports for DPAC by the Public Interest Research Unit (PIRU)

DPAC-PIRU Report-Impact of the coalition government on disabled workers-workplace experiences and job quality Final May 2015

Research Papers

Appeals and Sanctions. More chaos at DWP - July 2014

The Disabled People’s Manifesto – Reclaiming Our Futures

The Reclaiming Our Futures Manifesto was published in September 2013, by the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance.

The Manifesto was produced by DPAC, Inclusion London, ALLFIE and Equal Lives Norfolk

Summary of the UK Disabled People's manifesto
The UK Disabled People's manifesto Reclaiming Our Futures

Easy Read Version

Summary of the UK Disabled People's manifesto - Easy Read Version
The UK Disabled People's manifesto - Easy Read Version

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  1. Has there been any research into covert surveillance of a disabled person, whilst pursuing an industrial injury claim from employers insurers in breach of Working at Height Regulations? If so what outcomes were there?

  2. watch this recent program.. Four Corners S55E04….. more scandal on maximus from australia. how can this company be getting away with this scandal globally

    • discovered today 11th of may 2015 all the people who were working for atos have just transferred over to work for maximus ,keeping all the data they had been given by the DWP. its the same staff with the same documents working for a different company doing exactly the same thing as they were for atos, nothing has changed about how the wca was being run except we are spelling atos like this maximus in future.

    • scream this from the rooftops John, have posted the link on Facebook. Like to invite you to join “In Loving Memory of those who have died as a result of the welfare cuts. Where are you based?

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