Feb 072017

Update: Following interventions from several DPOs including DPAC, DRUK has agreed to recall and amend their report and we will be examining the changes closely. Watch this space…….. DPAC have previously had a few skirmishes with the hilariously named Disability Rights UK. DRUK are one of the big corporate disability charities that collect money from… Continue Reading Tell DRUK to recall their Shadow Report *Updated

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Feb 022017

Join Southampton DPAC’s protest vs Southampton City Council & Contractors Capita, Wednesday 15th February at 1.45 pm Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, SO14 7LY Southampton (close to both Coach and Rail Stations) Facebook Event Page   A whistleblower from inside Capita has told Disability News Service (DNS) that Capita has been piling pressure on its… Continue Reading 15th Feb, Southampton: Protest vs City Council & Capita slashing social care packages

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Jan 282017

Join Us for a special screening with Ken Loach of his award winning film “I Daniel Blake”. Tuesday 28th February, at the Pheonix Cinema, 52 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9PJ. Admission Free, (there will be a bucket collection for DPAC) arrive at 5.45 to collect tickets, Film Starts at 6.15pm, after the film… Continue Reading Special Screening of “I Daniel Blake” with Ken Loach, Tues 28th Feb, East Finchley

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Jan 272017

The BBC would like to interview someone in the West Midlands ideally Monday January 30th who has been reassessed by Maximus and moved from the Support Group to WRAG after their assessment. This is in relation to a report that is coming out next week from the DWP select committee. If anyone can help please… Continue Reading moved from Support Group to WRAG when reassessed and live in West Midlands

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Jan 232017

We are publishing the complete set of DPAC Submissions and government responses to the UNCRPD Comittee that DPAC used to initiate the inquiry into grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s human rights by the UK government You can see the chronology of events in the process in this document , which puts the document… Continue Reading The complete set of documents for the UNCRPD Inquiry

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Jan 222017

If anyone is coming to the event about the UN inquiry on January 24th the venue is now Committee room 12 in House of Commons and no longer in the Wilson room, Portcullis House. Time is still 2.30 pm start but time to get through security is likely to be longer.

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Jan 192017

Blakeway Productions is making a Channel 4 programme looking at the impact that the new benefit cap will have on households. We are keen to speak to people who have been told that they will be capped. At this stage it would be for an initial chat which wouldn’t mean definitely being included in the… Continue Reading Affected by the Benefit Cap? Channel 4 programme needs your help

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Jan 172017

Message in a bottle. Today is apparently Blue Monday. A named coined by Dr’s at Cardiff University to predict the day of the year where things are at their bleakest and most depressing. Currently that is everyday for me. I’m sure that’s true of millions of disabled people and carers at the moment. Last year was… Continue Reading Message in a bottle #autism #institutionalisation

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Jan 152017

A specialist women’s mental health service attributed with saving lives is facing threat of closure under proposals currently being agreed by Croydon CCG. The 8-bedded facility providing holistic treatment in a supportive peer environment is highly valued by women who have used its services and their families. However, the CCG claim it is too expensive… Continue Reading Support the Campaign to Save Foxley Lane Women’s Mental Health Service from Closure

Jan 132017

A brief look at Stephen Duckworth’s career. He’s being nominated for another honour and details of where to send any recommendations re-Stephen’s honour are at the end of this outline of his work with New Deal for disabled people, Serco, Capita and now the Shaw Trust. He is also an advisor for the new Work… Continue Reading Stephen Duckworth – should he have another honour for his work with lots of nasties?

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Jan 132017

reblogged from Transport for All (mostly) Wheelchair-user Doug Paulley had successfully sued First Bus Group in 2013 after he had been denied access to one of their buses because a bus driver didn’t enforce priority in the wheelchair space and a buggy owner refused to make room for him. But this decision was overturned by the Appeal… Continue Reading Fist Bus case -Supreme Court Decision Wed. January 18th

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Jan 062017

This is the new “must have” accessory in 2017 for the properly turned out street activist. Tastefully designed in shades of lurid green, it features Damian Green in a scene from “The Omen” with the caption “The Tories, more frightening that fiction”. It costs a quid plus 78p postage. The quid will go to DPAC… Continue Reading New DPAC Badge for sale!

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Jan 052017

Hello! My name is Clemence Fourton, I am a French PhD student working on the social and political effects of the 2008 crisis in the UK. As part of my PhD, I am conducting a survey on political participation in the UK since the 2008 crisis. The survey is designed to understand the way in… Continue Reading Request to help with Research from French PhD student- short survey to fill in

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Jan 052017

If anyone is willing to help with either of these requests please contact the relevant person directly. Loss of Motability Vehicles  I’m a TV producer based in Southampton looking into PIP and Motability.  I’m looking for someone to film who is having to hand back a car and would like to speak to people who… Continue Reading Requests for help from media – Loss of Motability Vehicles and Loss of Benefits

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Jan 022017

Basic Income: Progressive Dreams Meet Neoliberal Realities John Clarke Up until now, the concept of Basic Income (BI) has enjoyed a greater history of being proposed than of being implemented. We may well be approaching a period, however, when this changes. The Ontario Government is holding consultations on setting up a BI pilot project. The… Continue Reading The potential reality of basic income schemes

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Jan 022017

My name is Helen and I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from Lancaster University. I am conducting research as part of my doctoral thesis about the psychological impact of benefits sanctions following the Work Capability Assessment process and what impact this had, if any, on peoples’ mental health and outlook. I’m involved with Pyschs Against… Continue Reading Help needed with important research into MH and sanctions

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Dec 242016

The DPAC team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and safe festive season and to provide a brief round-up of what has been happening over the past 12 months. It has been both a triumphant and tragic year for DPAC, with some of our biggest ever achievements coming to… Continue Reading DPAC Review of 2016

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Dec 232016

It’s difficult if not impossible to adequately define the outcomes of Brexit for anyone living in the UK let alone for disabled people. The result where a small minority of the electorate voted to leave the EU has so far caused massive political turmoil but no concrete proposals as the new unelected Prime Minister, Teresa… Continue Reading English Translation of article published in Junge Welt magazine – The Legacy of Brexit for Disabled People in the UK

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Dec 182016

Thanks to Jamie Kelsey Fry (@jamiekelseyfry) – editor of New Internationalist – who got DPAC and disabled people’s issues into BBC Radio London during his newspaper review this morning (Sunday Dec 18th) He spent a lot of his time on the show talking about DPAC, social care, the UN Inquiry and lack of Accessible Rail… Continue Reading Listen: DPAC mentioned on BBC Radio London this morning

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Dec 162016

Winters in Toronto are brutal, down to tens of degrees below zero, but that hasn’t stopped Toronto’s political elite from making people homeless and cutting back on support services and even worse, cutting back on emergency shelters for homeless people. Toronto’s remaining homeless shelters are bursting at the seams. In a city that drips with… Continue Reading Winter in Canada is brutal, support the fight for shelters for Homeless People in Toronto

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Dec 162016

On 20th January 2017 Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. That day, together, we will drop banners from bridges across the country to send a simple, hopeful and unmistakable message. We will build bridges, not walls, to a peaceful and just world rid of oppression and… Continue Reading Bridges Not Walls 20th Jan 2017 #bridgesnotwalls

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Dec 142016

The last WCA figures have been released by DWP, https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/esa-outcomes-of-work-capability-assessments-including-mandatory-reconsiderations-and-appeals-december-2016 These figures show clearly that the number of people placed in the Support Group has dramatically dropped (from 61 % in November 2014 to 32% in June 2016 ), while the number of people found fit for work keeps increasing (from 23% in November 2014… Continue Reading The wrong ESA outcome? APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL

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Dec 132016

(for those who do not know already, John Burgess is Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON and a longstanding supporter of DPAC) Text below by a friend of John Burgess Who needs to apologise to whom as we approach the dates for the hearing on UNISONgate?  I have read this apology by John which he made recently… Continue Reading Support John Burgess, friend and ally of DPAC in his hour of need.

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