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Disabled people can  join online as DPAC members by clicking:HERE

If you have previously tried to join as a non disabled member of DPAC-apologies- we’ve had problems with our database and details have been lost to cyberspace-to complete membership please email: mail@dpac.uk.net

we are currently updating our membership system for organisations, unions and DPOs please email us if you wish to affiliate, join or donate to DPAC

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 The loss of ILF doesn’t just affect ILF users-it affects everyone

We’re all in it together – aren’t we? from Moore Lavan Films on Vimeo.

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John McDonnell MP Praises DPAC at DPAC national Conference 2014

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 Video from outside Courts of Justice 13th March 2013: Challenging DWP on the Closure of ILF

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Getting stuff-all from Maximus – how the PR offensive really works

Reposted from the brilliant Kate Belgrave http://www.katebelgrave.com/ with thanks Readers of this site will remember that a couple of weeks ago, I posted questions about people’s right to record and film face-to-face assessments as they go through the work capability assessments that are to be run by Maximus. I wanted to know if Maximus will allow… Continue Reading Getting stuff-all from Maximus – how the PR offensive really works

Labour: the First 100 Days #ILVision #SaveILF #Sanctions #ScrapWCA

September 2015: The Legacy of the First 100 Days of a Labour government elected with a majority. Disabled people throughout the devolved nations of the UK are celebrating the continuing existence of their own Independent Living Funds. Yet in England those with the same support needs have little to cheer about as Labour themselves abandoned… Continue Reading Labour: the First 100 Days #ILVision #SaveILF #Sanctions #ScrapWCA

Ed Miliband in Birmingham, March 14th

Ed Miliband and the shadow cabinet are coming to Birmingham on Saturday, March 14th, International Convention Centre, Birmingham to announce their policy proposals for the general election. 12.30pm – 2.30 pm Join us to protest and to tell Labour we want more from them if they want our votes. Join the facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/609146595896685/… Continue Reading Ed Miliband in Birmingham, March 14th

Update on #AnthonyKletzander 16th Feb

Below is the written response from Ms Carol Homden, Chairperson of The National Autistic Society in relation to the question of abuse of Anthony Kletzander. Such is the limited  “transparency and openness” at the NAS it has been necessary to communicate via an intermediary to put questions to the chairperson. It is not permissible to… Continue Reading Update on #AnthonyKletzander 16th Feb

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